Our Place’s New 9-in-1 Meal-Prep Set Makes Cooking and Storing Food a Breeze and Takes Up Hardly Any Space in My Tiny Kitchen (It’s on Sale for Black Friday!)

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our spot amended vessel set

Credit: Our Place

Just successful clip for a engaged play of vacation cooking and baking, Our Place added a caller repast prep superhero to its all-star lineup: nan Better Bowl Set. Here astatine The Kitchn, Our Place’s cookware staples — from nan Always Pan to nan caller Wonder Oven — are immoderate of our favorites retired there. And nan brand’s newest foray into repast prep essentials surely doesn’t disappoint, and I was fortunate capable to return it for a spin.

My biggest gripe pinch accepted mixing bowls is that they typically don’t travel pinch a matching lid, truthful I person to usage aluminum foil if I’m storing leftovers aliases transporting nan vessel to a Friendsgiving. So, these bowls were instantly a measurement supra nan rest, and nan cleverly designed devices that travel nan bowls instantly gave them MVP position successful my (teeny-tiny) kitchen. Best of all, they’re already on waste for Black Friday!

What is nan Our Place Better Bowl Set?

Simply put, Our Place’s Better Bowl set does nan activity of 9 different room devices without taking up nan aforesaid magnitude of space. This strategy of mixing bowls, transparent lids, a grater, juicer, and crockery spinner complete pinch an easy fastener is astir to go your caller go-to repast prep superhero. Best of all, nan group beautifully nestles wrong of each different for compact storage, truthful if you person less-than-generous retention abstraction for illustration me, this is nan 1 point you request to enlist successful your cooking and baking arsenal.

Why I Love nan Our Place Better Bowl Set

Living successful a mini workplace pinch a room that’s nan size of immoderate people’s walk-in closets, organizing my gadgets and devices is simply a full chore. There’s thing worse than trying to fresh together bowls, colanders and containers of each different sizes for illustration I’m doing a Tetris puzzle. So, Our Place’s Better Bowl Set is nan eventual find for those of america looking to streamline our prepware collection, and it looks stylish to boot. You tin shop this durable group successful 4 beautiful colors: Steam, Sage, Blue Salt, and Lavender (which will brace perfectly pinch your different Our Place pieces!). The bowls are besides made pinch 60% recycled materials, characteristic a nonslip base, and are leak resistant. Plus, nan bowls and lids are freezer- and dishwasher-safe.

You tin genuinely do everything pinch this set: serve, mix, grate, juice, spin, and store! I first took these for a trial thrust erstwhile I had a Friendsgiving, and I utilized nan grater to garnish my Brussels sprouts pinch caller Parmesan. The creation of nan grater is unbelievably brilliant. Because it perfectly rests atop nan bowl, there’s no mess and nary food flew astir for illustration pinch a emblematic grater, and nan rubbery edges kept nan grater successful place.

The juicer is arsenic impressive. It nestles conscionable correct wrong nan smallest bowl, truthful there’s nary messiness erstwhile squeezing your favourite citrus into a crockery aliases broadside dish. The colander is cleanable for rinsing berries, and it easy fits wrong nan mean vessel for storage. And I’d beryllium remiss not to brag astir nan prima of nan show, nan crockery spinner. If you’re looking to make takeout-worthy salads astatine home, this instrumentality will thief you do that pinch nan property of a button.

If you’re looking to upgrade your room instrumentality postulation for nan holidays aliases are connected nan hunt for nan at-home cook successful your life, now’s nan cleanable clip to hop connected Our Place’s Better Bowl group since it’s connected waste for Black Friday for conscionable $85 correct now!