Quick Cucumber Salsa Recipe

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This fresh-tasting Cucumber Salsa is speedy and easy to make, and it goes perfectly pinch chips and food tacos! It’s Mystery Dish clip again! If this is caller to you, erstwhile a period 1 blogger chooses a database of ingredients, and a group of us creates a look utilizing a definite number of ingredients from nan list.

This month’s big is The Pajama Chef, and she put together this ace nosy list: Coffee (grounds aliases brewed), sour cream, farro, almonds, cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, jicama, cucumber, tomatoes, infused aliases flavored oliva oil, caller herbs (any kind), cornmeal, and basking peppers (any kind).

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Last period I had a difficult clip coming up pinch 3 ingredients to usage together. This clip around, I had excessively galore ideas! With truthful galore tasty fruits, vegetables, and versatile ingredients, nan possibilities were endless. I decided connected this tasty cucumber salsa, and I person a cocktail look coming up adjacent week that I almost utilized successful its place.


Cucumber Salsa

This cucumber salsa look uses four ingredients from nan Mystery Dish list: Cucumber, tomatoes, herbs (cilantro), and basking peppers (jalapeño). I person been wanting to bring you a nutrient processor salsa look since I sewage my Ninja recently. It is truthful dang easy to make salsa successful that thing! It earnestly takes astir 5 minutes, and it’s cheaper, fresher, and amended than store-bought salsa. (It’s funny that my first Mystery Dish post was each astir not having a nutrient processor, and look astatine maine now!)

I liked nan thought of cucumber salsa, but I was a tad tense to sensation it for fearfulness that it would sensation like, well, cucumbers. Do you cognize what it tastes like? Good! You don’t precisely sensation cucumber, but it conscionable tastes very crisp and fresh. I usually deliberation caller cilantro brightens up salsa, and nan cucumber enhanced that. We exchanged rings gobbling this down pinch chips arsenic soon arsenic it was done, but we restrained ourselves to prevention immoderate for food tacos for dinner.

Cucumber Salsa Ingredients

The cucumber is simply a tasty and patient rootlike that is crunchy, energizing, and elemental to eat. Daily depletion of cucumbers tin person important affirmative effects connected your health. The galore vitamins and antioxidants recovered successful cucumbers make them very nutritious nutrient to see successful your diet. This crisp, tart cucumber salsa goes good pinch grilled food aliases tin beryllium served by itself arsenic a elemental broadside dish. Well-balanced and elemental to prepare, nan crockery tin beryllium made a time aliases 2 successful beforehand aliases eaten immediately, crisp & fresh. The sensation mellows and nan cucumber softens arsenic it sets. The perfect patient snack aliases appetizer, this elemental salsa is packed pinch flavor.

Introduce diced, caller cucumber to nan salsa for a cool twist. Naturally, it tastes awesome erstwhile paired pinch tortilla chips, but it besides makes a superb topping for food tacos aliases plain grilled salmon. A terrific keto-friendly, gluten-free action to adhd spirit and excitement to immoderate crockery is cucumber salsa. A small lime juice and zest adhd an acidic equilibrium to each these flavors. Cucumber is nan item of this recipe. The English cucumber guidelines of nan greenish salsa, which is rich | successful texture and taste, is chopped finely.

English Cucumber

English cucumbers person a thin, ridged tegument and are perfectly straight. The spirit is sweeter than a emblematic cucumber and nan seeds are comparatively little. It doesn’t require peeling aliases seeding earlier eating because of nan bladed tegument and mini seeds! The superb greenish hue of nan soma makes it appealing to usage successful recipes. The market shop sells it pinch a integrative covering since nan bladed tegument is truthful fragile. Cucumbers utilized for modular slicing are shorter, person thick, acheronian greenish skin, and person very ample seeds. Since nan seeds and heavy tegument tin beryllium bitter, they are often removed during cooking. You must first peel and seed it earlier utilizing it here. Although it doesn’t rather person nan aforesaid spirit arsenic English cucumber, it is still delicious.

chips aliases food tacos

For these salmon tacos, I conscionable radiated nan salmon pinch Cajun seasoning and browned it connected some sides until it was mean rare. Then I arranged nan food successful tortillas (gluten-free maize tortillas successful my case), topped it pinch caller cucumber salsa, and crumbled queso fresco connected top.


This fresh-tasting Cucumber Salsa is speedy and easy to make, and it goes perfectly pinch chips and food tacos!

Cucumber Salsa

This easy cucumber salsa tastes caller and delicious!

  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • 1/2 English cucumber trim successful half lengthwise and seeded
  • 1 ample herb quartered and seeded (or substitute 2 roma tomatoes)
  • 1 jalapeño ribs and seeds removed
  • 2 cloves ail minced aliases crushed
  • 2 tablespoons cilantro leaves
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

Cook Mode Prevent your surface from going dark


  1. Place each ingredients into a nutrient processor, and beat until evenly chopped. Add further lime juice aliases brackish to taste.
  2. Serve complete tacos aliases pinch chips for dipping.


Using a nutrient processor makes this look very fast, but of people you tin dice each nan ingredients by manus if you prefer.

  • Author: Andi Gleeson
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Category: Appetizers and Snacks, Mexican Food
  • Cuisine: Mexican

Nutrition Information

Per serving:

Calories46 kcalCarbohydrates3 g
Calcium7 mgFat3 g
Sugar1 gSodium2 mg
Vitamin A175IUVitamin C8.3 mg
Iron0.1 mgProtein1.2 g

How does this look work?

  • This salsa is delicious and simple.
  • The cucumbers bring freshness to a full caller level.
  • Mix nan ingredients for a delightful and cool salsa.
  • It is fantabulous arsenic a broadside dish, a topping for chickenhearted aliases fish, aliases eaten pinch tortilla chips.

Health Benefits

Cucumbers incorporate a batch of water, which tin thief you enactment hydrated. Moreover, nan fibre boost they supply you pinch keeps you regular and prevents constipation. Vitamin K keeps your bones patient and immunodeficiency successful humor clotting. Numerous functions of vitamin A see support for nan immune system, eyesight, and reproductive health.

  1. Promote Hydration

Since they incorporate 95% water, cucumbers are a awesome method to enactment hydrated connected a basking day. Yes, 95%, which is why immoderate group mention to it arsenic nature’s astir hydrating vegetable. Due to their precocious h2o content, they are besides fantabulous additions to juices and smoothies.

  1. Improve Memory

Fisetin, an anti-inflammatory flavone recovered successful cucumbers, is important for maintaining encephalon function. Additionally, while fisetin tin beryllium recovered successful different plants, it is peculiarly abundant successful cucumbers. As a result, cucumbers person been linked to representation enhancement and assistance successful preventing representation loss.

  1. Aid successful Weight Loss

Calories matter erstwhile it comes to losing weight. Cucumbers are a awesome nutrient to thief pinch weight nonaccomplishment because each cup only has 16 calories. Without adding galore calories to your day, they tin thief you consciousness full. As antecedently mentioned, they are besides packed pinch nutritious vitamins that will supply your assemblage pinch a balanced fare of nutrients, which is basal for healthily reducing weight.

  1. Maintain Healthy Digestion

By keeping you nourished, immoderate rootlike pinch precocious h2o contented tin assistance successful patient digestion. Cucumbers, particularly their skin, incorporate dietary fiber, though, which helps to springiness your stools much measurement and velocity up nan elimination process.

  1. Have Anti-Cancer Benefits

One of nan champion things you tin do to support fresh and little your consequence of crab is to return a batch of fruits and vegetables. A personnel of nan Cucurbitaceous family, cucumbers successful especially, incorporate important levels of basal minerals that whitethorn thief debar cancer.

  1. Reduce Inflammation

Multiple problems mightiness originate arsenic a consequence of oxidative stress. Cucumbers are 1 of respective foods, luckily, that tin trim inflammation. This is because lignans, a benignant of polyphenol, are present. If cucumbers are applied straight to nan skin, they tin besides relieve inflammation externally.

  1. Promote Healthy Skin

 Cucumbers are incredibly refreshing and tin thief you calm down, they besides person awesome tegument benefits erstwhile applied topically. Cucumbers, which are astir commonly utilized successful nan eyelids, cool nan area and trim facial swelling. Sunburn tin beryllium efficaciously soothed pinch nan thief of cucumbers.

Risks of Cucumber Salsa

  1. Consuming cucumbers supply comparatively minimal dangers. The pesticide that producers usage connected them could beryllium 1 issue. Peel nan tegument disconnected aliases lavation it nether lukewarm moving h2o earlier eating. That will guarantee that eating your cucumber is safe.
  2. The tegument of cucumbers is people waxed. Cucumbers suffer their wax erstwhile they are washed aft being picked, truthful earlier producers vessel them to supermarkets, they slap a synthetic wax backmost on. While extending its support life, nan wax besides harbors bacteria. Although nan wax itself is not dangerous, peeling nan cucumber’s tegument tin trim nan likelihood of cross-contamination. The mostly of nan nutrients, however, are recovered successful nan skin. A amended prime could beryllium to bargain integrated nutrient and thoroughly lavation your cucumbers earlier eating.

Storing Tips

Refrigerated homemade cucumber salsa for 4 days. Even though it tastes champion erstwhile it’s fresh, it keeps good and gets tastier complete time.

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What would you make utilizing this constituent list? Let maine cognize successful nan comments!