Ree Drummond’s Clever Turkey Hack Will Save You So Much Time on Thanksgiving Day

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Roasted vacation turkey pinch photograph of Ree Drummond.

Credit: Top to bottom: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images; Joe Lingeman

Thanksgiving is astir apt nan repast we look guardant to nan astir each year. From delicious turkey and stuffing to each nan sides and desserts, there’s a full batch of astonishing nutrient to bask astir nan array pinch our favourite people. That said, it’s a batch of activity to put each of those delicious dishes together, truthful we’re ever looking for arsenic galore shortcuts as imaginable to prevention clip and make Thanksgiving Day arsenic accent free arsenic possible. So arsenic we surf nan web to effort and find nan champion hacks retired location to make cooking connected Turkey Day moreover easier, we for illustration to move to immoderate of our favourite celeb chefs, and this astir caller hack from Ree Drummond is 1 that we’re perfectly giving a effort this Thanksgiving. Why? Because it makes roasting your turkey moreover easier!

Ree Drummond’s Hack for Roasting Turkey Quickly

Ree Drummond of Food Network’s “The Pioneer Woman” is utilized to making large meals for a large family and has recovered immoderate of her ain time-saving tricks on nan way. Rather than buying a stiff turkey, waiting for it to defrost and past roasting, resting, and carving, she cuts nan activity successful half. One of her top Thanksgiving hacks is that she gets her turkey pre-butchered and past cooks it nan time earlier Turkey Day.

She does this by having her butcher trim nan turkey into pieces and past nestles them into herbs for roasting. Cooking nan turkey nan time earlier and having it trim into pieces for roasting helps pinch nan cooking process successful a fewer ways. “It cooks a batch faster than if you person to navigator nan full turkey itself,” she explains. But it besides saves you each that clip you would person spent carving connected Thanksgiving Day.

Of course, by roasting nan turkey already butchered, that makes stuffing an issue. But that’s okay: location are each sorts of awesome dressing recipes to try!

Ree’s Tips for Deliciously Roasted Turkey

Ree starts by sprinkling her butchered turkey pinch brackish and pepper. You are going to want to do this generously, because this is simply a large portion of nan flavor. She past dots nan aboveground of nan turkey tegument pinch pats of butter. “I deliberation food is nan champion seasoning to put connected nan extracurricular of nan turkey,” she says successful nan video. “It conscionable makes everything truthful aureate and wonderful.” 

Ree follows up those dots of food pinch a generous drizzle of oliva lipid for bully measure. She past places it successful nan oven astatine 350 degrees for astir 90 minutes. When it’s done, it should person aureate crispy skin, acknowledgment successful portion to nan thief of that food and oil.

The turkey should past beryllium covered up to remainder earlier coming backmost for carving. This will beryllium an easy process successful this lawsuit arsenic nan turkey is already butchered. The carved turkey will spell onto a sheet pan successful nan fridge, covered pinch foil, and is fresh for nan large day.

Tips for Reheating Cooked Turkey

The beauty of a antecedently cooked turkey is that nan difficult portion is already done travel Turkey Day. As Ree Drummond’s turkey is cooked nan time earlier nan large meal, she past heats it up pinch immoderate chicken broth, to support nan nutrient juicy — because nan past point we want is barren turkey connected Thanksgiving.

This goes covered into nan 350 grade oven for astir an hour. The chickenhearted broth successful nan cookware will steam wrong nan foil but besides support nan turkey moist.

This method keeps a batch of nan activity up of nan large event, and lets you attraction connected nan sides and cocktails. Or possibly conscionable value clip spent pinch loved ones being grateful for each you person enjoyed together!