Shortcut Guacamole

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This shortcut guacamole recipe only needs 3 ingredients and astir 3 minutes to make!

This shortcut guacamole only needs 3 ingredients and little than 5 minutes! #guacamole #easyrecipe #mexicanfood

I’ve brought you my look for chunky guacamole, and that 1 is beautiful easy. It does require immoderate chopping and measuring though. Today I’m going to show you a concealed shortcut for moreover faster, easier guacamole. Come person truthful everyone doesn’t hear…

OK, you tin make guacamole successful astir 3 minutes pinch 3 ingredients! All you request is your favourite salsa, a small mayonnaise, and ripe avocados.

Yes, you publication that right. I said MAYONNAISE.

When I first learned that group adhd mayo to their guac, I thought that sounded for illustration nan worst thought ever. I’ve tried adding sour pick earlier to boost nan creaminess, but mayo sounded wrong. I kept coming crossed different type calling for this seemingly out-of-place ingredient, truthful I yet caved and effort it.

To my surprise, it is really good! It adds that luscious sheen to your guacamole dip and makes it sensation rich | and creamy and wonderful. No 1 would conjecture what’s successful it. They’ll conscionable beryllium successful awe of your huffy guac skills.

This shortcut guacamole only needs 3 ingredients and little than 5 minutes! #guacamole #easyrecipe #mexicanfood

So, nan adjacent clip you request a vessel of guacamole successful a hurry, mash up an avocado aliases two, and operation in a mates drained spoonfuls of nan salsa and mayonnaise. You conscionable made guacamole! If you person caller salsa from nan market store’s refrigerated section, that will springiness you nan champion result. You tin heighten nan spirit pinch a small much salt, lime, aliases cayenne capsicum to taste, but it’s usually not necessary.

If you don’t for illustration tomatoes successful your guacamole, effort utilizing salsa verde alternatively of accepted reddish salsa. That spirit is retired of this world too! Now, spell make immoderate easy guac and commencement dipping!


This shortcut guacamole only needs 3 ingredients and little than 5 minutes! #guacamole #easyrecipe #mexicanfood

This shortcut guacamole look only needs 3 ingredients and little than 5 minutes!

  • Total Time: 3 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x

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  1. Peel and mash avocado until smooth.

  2. Stir successful mayonnaise and salsa. Serve!


  • You tin set nan spirit pinch further salt, cayenne pepper, aliases lime juice if desired.
  • If you usage salsa verde alternatively of reddish salsa, you do not request to drain it. You conscionable don’t want to operation successful excessively overmuch juice from nan reddish salsa because it will make nan colour a spot brown.

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