Simple Brown Sugar Syrup Recipe

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We each emotion maple syrup connected our pancakes, waffles, aliases crystal cream. Not to mention nan spirit it gives to nan milk teas, frappes, aliases smoothies. However, not each clip we person aliases spend maple syrup. So, why wouldn’t we study really to hole brownish sweetener syrup instead?!

Brown sugar simple syrup works conscionable good arsenic a substitute for maple syrup and is surely much affordable. With this successful mind, let’s study much astir this easy, 2-ingredient recipe!

Simple Brown Sugar Syrup Recipe

Brown Sugar Syrup FAQ

1. What Is Brown Sugar Simple Syrup Made Of?

The brownish sweetener syrup look became celebrated during nan past years owed to its usage successful Starbucks drinks. You cognize nan Starbucks’ lattes and frappes we each love? These each usage brownish sweetener syrup arsenic a sweetener. However, this elemental syrup tin beryllium easy made pinch only brownish sweetener and water.

So, nan brownish sweetener elemental syrup is simply a variety on simple syrup: it’s a liquid sweetener made pinch adjacent parts brownish sweetener and water.

2. How Do You Thicken Homemade Sugar Syrup?

When you want to hole heavy brownish sweetener syrup for desserts, you’ll request to usage immoderate other maize syrup. So, nan ingredients you’ll usage are 2 cups of brownish sugar, 1/4 cup of ray maize syrup, and 2 cups of water.

In a mean saucepan, bring nan sugars, maize syrup, and h2o to a boil. After that, trim nan power and simmer vigorously for 10, 15 minutes, until thickened to a syrup consistency.

brown sweetener syrup connected stovetop

3. Do You Need to Refrigerate Homemade Sugar Simple Syrup?

The homemade elemental syrup should beryllium stored successful nan refrigerator. When stored properly, it has a support life of up to 1 month.

4. How Do You Keep Sugar Syrup from Crystallizing?

If not cooked carefully, sweetener syrup (liquid sugar) tin thicken and re-crystallize, ruining nan recipe. To prevent sweetener from crystallizing arsenic it is cooked, travel a fewer basal tips:

  • Use a cleanable cookware aliases cookware erstwhile pouring sugar. Sugar granules successful nan syrup will latch onto immoderate particles near connected a cookware and crystallize to shape a coagulated mass. Make judge nan cookware is free of immoderate particulate aliases particulates.
  • Add a small acerb (such arsenic a touch of citrus juice) aliases maize syrup to nan sugar-water substance earlier cooking. They thief extremity nan crystallization process.
  • Do not operation nan sweetener erstwhile it comes to a simmer. Sugar is temperamental and tin dainty a spoon aliases spatula arsenic particulate, thing to latch onto to crystallize.
brown sweetener syrup successful coffee

5. How to Use Brown Sugar Simple Syrup successful Drinks and Desserts?

You tin take whether you want a thin, runny syrup, aliases a thicker syrup regarding really you want to usage it. Here are my favourite ways of servings this sweetener syrup astatine home:

  • Cocktails: the brownish sweetener syrup tin beryllium utilized successful immoderate type of cocktail, but useful peculiarly good successful bourbon aliases whiskey-based drinks because of its toffee flavor.
  • Coffee: replace your regular sweetener from nan java pinch this syrup instead. Also, if you adhd immoderate vanilla aliases cinnamon sticks erstwhile pouring your sugar, you tin make flavored syrup for your java too.
  • Bubble tea: this elemental syrup is cleanable for each sweet beverage tea pinch boba recipe.
  • Pancakes, waffles & crystal cream: if you make a thicker syrup, you tin usage it to apical your saccharine meal aliases dessert.

Homemade Brown Sugar Syrup Recipe

Simple Brown Sugar Syrup pinch Cinnamon Sticks

Now, that you cognize a small much astir preparing brownish sweetener elemental syrup astatine home, it is clip to study really to make it yourself. You don’t person to interest astir anything: nan ingredients are fundamentally only h2o and sugar, and nan steps are excessively simple.

If you want to spell a small other and make a heavy brownish sweetener syrup for desserts, conscionable travel nan tips and tricks from nan FAQ conception above.

How to Make Brown Sugar Syrup astatine Home

sweet substance boiling

How Long Does Homemade Sugar Syrup Last?

You tin safely shop homemade syrup for up to 1 period successful nan refrigerator. As for nan container, nan astir suitable is simply a solid vessel aliases a solid mason jar. The spirit stays beautiful changeless complete clip if it’s kept successful a solid container, and it whitethorn past for moreover longer.

brown sweetener syrup pinch cinnamon sticks

How Do You Preserve Homemade Syrup?

  1. Choose an airtight container. Store your homemade elemental syrup successful a sealed solid instrumentality specified arsenic a mason jar. However, you tin usage immoderate type of airtight container, moreover though I for illustration solid since it won’t leach different flavors into your syrup.
  2. Clean nan instrumentality thoroughly before utilizing it. No matter what instrumentality you choose, make judge to scrub it pinch basking h2o and crockery soap to guarantee it’s a sterile container. After that, fto it barren earlier pouring nan syrup into it.
  3. Place your syrup into nan refrigerator. The modular one-to-one sugar-to-water ratio will nutrient a elemental syrup that lasts astir 1 period successful nan fridge. However, nan support life of your homemade syrup depends connected really good you cleanable and adjacent nan container.
brown sweetener syrup successful coffee


Brown Sugar Syrup Recipe

Homemade Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

Brown sweetener syrup is awesome for sweetening desserts and drinks. This brownish sweetener syrup look is speedy and uses only 2 ingredients: h2o and sugar.

  • Total Time: 12 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • 2 cups brownish sweetener Use your regular marque of brownish sugar.
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 2 sticks cinnamon If you for illustration flavored sweetener syrup. However, nan cinnamon is not necessary.

Cook Mode Prevent your surface from going dark


  1. Heat nan brownish sweetener and h2o (and nan cinnamon sticks if you usage some) connected a cookware complete debased to mean heat. Don’t hide to operation occasionally.
  2. To make a bladed brownish sweetener elemental syrup for sweetening drinks, power nan substance only until nan brownish sweetener has afloat dissolved successful nan water.
  3. To make a heavy brownish sweetener syrup for pancakes, waffles, and different desserts, travel nan adjacent steps. Once nan sweetener has dissolved connected debased heat, somewhat summation nan somesthesia to scope a gentle simmer. Then, set nan somesthesia to support a gentle simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Remove nan cookware from nan power and fto nan syrup cool to room somesthesia earlier using.
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  • Prep Time: 12
  • Category: Dessert, Drinks, Sauces

Enjoy Your Sweet Drinks and Desserts!

Finally, it’s your clip to stock your acquisition pinch this elemental sweetener syrup look and each your thoughts connected it. So, show maine everything successful nan comments section: What do you deliberation astir nan achromatic sweetener syrup recipe? Did you acquisition immoderate problems erstwhile pouring nan sugar? Did your kids bask this toping complete their pancakes and crystal cream? Additionally, did you spell for nan main look aliases did you spirit it? If you went extra, fto america each cognize really that went!

Also, please, do not hesitate to inquire immoderate further questions astir nan homemade achromatic sweetener syrup look successful nan comments too. I will make judge to reply you arsenic soon arsenic possible! Last but not least, fto maine cognize really did you usage nan syrup: drinks, desserts, aliases both. If you haven’t decided yet wherever to adhd nan syrup, effort 1 of these recipes: