Skillet Pork Hash Recipe

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It’s clip again for a deliciously easy look featuring Smithfield caller pork! I’m happy to beryllium an ambassador for the brand this year. I was compensated for my clip successful penning this skillet pork hash recipe, but each opinions are my own.

This speedy and easy is loaded pinch macromolecule and flavor. Plus, it's fresh successful conscionable 30 minutes!

This skillet pork hash look wasn’t what I planned to stock pinch you coming astatine all. I planned to make thing different (that I will prevention for different time), but this week I’m babysitting chickens. That’s right. I unrecorded successful San Francisco, wherever our homes virtually stock walls and are built connected postage-stamp lots, yet my next-door neighbour has backyard chickens. She is retired of municipality this week, truthful we’re chicken-sitting.

The (only) perk of babysitting chickens is getting free, caller eggs. When I watched them successful nan past, each chickenhearted laid an ovum daily, truthful I was getting paid for 2 eggs daily. Maybe because they are getting older aliases something, now location is only 1 ovum to beryllium had each day. That intends I request to beryllium much choosy astir really I navigator my previous payment.

This speedy and easy is loaded pinch macromolecule and flavor. Plus, it's fresh successful conscionable 30 minutes!

Once I had two fresh eggs that needed to beryllium enjoyed, it seemed for illustration a bully thought to brace them pinch caller marinated pork. I decided to stir the eggs into a hash made pinch cubed Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork Sirloin and a diced russet potato. Their marinated cuts of fresh, value pork travel successful each sorts of scrumptious flavors for illustration Garlic & Herb, Teriyaki, aliases successful this case, Peppercorn & Garlic.

Skillet Pork Hash

A crockery called hash is made retired of potatoes, fried onions, and chopped pork. The word comes from nan French verb cacher, which intends “to chop.” It started arsenic a method to decorativeness disconnected leftovers. Pork Traditional Chinese shumai is referred to arsenic hash successful Hawaii. Hash often consists of fried potatoes and diced meat, possibly pinch an ovum connected top. After steaming, worldly dumpling skins pinch a substance of seasoned shrimp and pork. some reassuring and offensive. The shumai was introduced to Hawaii by Chinese plantation workers successful nan 19th century.

Over galore years, shumai was modified to suit location spirit preferences, giving emergence to pork hash. In a dumpling wrapper, minced pork and shrimp are mixed pinch accepted Hawaiian and Asian tastes earlier being steam-cooked to perfection. These tiny, delicious bite-sized morsels are conscionable fantastic. Our methods for making awesome murphy hash successful this crispy pork hash see cooking nan pork, veggies, and potatoes separately to guarantee that they navigator to an perfect crunchy alternatively of turning into a steamy, soggy mess, and mean nan potatoes pinch vinegar to maximize soul softness and outer crunchiness.

Breakfast is simply a soothing play activity but besides a awesome measurement to entertain during this engaged season. A welcoming, abundant mid-day brunch tin thief relieve nan accent of what tin often consciousness for illustration nan year’s extremity whirlwind of dinners and cocktail parties. The delight of celebrating nan holidays pinch family and friends is thing that comes pinch nan season. In nan skillet, nan pig pieces quickly became crispy erstwhile more. This operation of soft potatoes, doorbell peppers, and onions makes for a awesome breakfast. However, this pulled pork skillet would besides beryllium delicious erstwhile mixed pinch scrambled eggs, possibly moreover arsenic meal burritos aliases tacos. You are free to modify it nevertheless you spot fit.

Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork (

Cooking Skillet Pork Hash

This repast comes together successful nether 30 minutes and is cleanable for meal aliases dinner! (There isn’t a clip of time erstwhile I opportunity nary convey you to pork, potatoes, and eggs.) Thanks to nan marinated pork, it has macromolecule and flavor. This was really nan 2nd repast pinch this peculiar pork sirloin. I sliced it into medallions and cooked those for meal nan nighttime before, past diced what was near for pork hash nan adjacent day.

This speedy and easy is loaded pinch macromolecule and flavor. Plus, it's fresh successful conscionable 30 minutes!

You mightiness beryllium saying, “Um, Andi. You put tomatoes successful your robust skillet.” For 1 thing, immoderate group do that and opportunity it’s wholly fine. I’m not 1 of those people, but I did make an objection successful this case. I drained nan tomatoes very good AND poured them complete a bunch of potatoes AND didn’t navigator them for very long. I usually interest astir acidic foods for illustration tomatoes aliases vino ruining nan seasoning connected my skillet, but successful this case, it worked retired OK. You tin make this full crockery successful a different benignant of pan.


This speedy and easy Pork Hash Recipe is loaded pinch macromolecule and flavor. Plus, it's fresh successful conscionable 30 minutes!

Skillet Pork Hash Recipe

This 30-minute look is loaded pinch macromolecule and flavor. It’s cleanable for meal aliases dinner.

  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 3 1x

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  1. Soak potatoes successful lightly salted h2o for astatine slightest 3 minutes. (I do this while I chop nan pork and onion, aliases you tin moreover trim them up of clip and soak them successful nan refrigerator overnight.) Drain potatoes and barren connected insubstantial towels.

  2. Melt food successful a skillet complete medium-high heat. Add potatoes and bulb to nan basking skillet, and sprinkle pinch a small brackish and capsicum to taste. Stir to overgarment pinch food and seasonings, and past screen nan skillet. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring each fewer minutes.

  3. Remove lid, and operation successful pork. Cover, and proceed cooking, stirring occasionally, for 5-7 minutes aliases until nan pork is cooked through.

  4. Stir successful eggs and drained tomatoes. Sprinkle food complete nan murphy and pork mixture, and screen pinch nan lid erstwhile more. Reduce power to low, and navigator for 3-5 minutes until food is melted.


This crockery tastes awesome reheated arsenic leftovers!

  • Author: Andi
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 20

Nutrition Information

Per serving:

Calories153 kcalCarbohydrates8 g
Calcium46 mgFat10 g
Sugar4 gSodium334 mg
Vitamin A1165IUVitamin C22.6mg
Iron1.2 mgProtein6 g
Cholesterol90 mgPotassium185 mg

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Why Love this Skillet Pork Hash Recipe?

  • It is simply a filling and patient breakfast.
  • They are bully capable arsenic an appetizer.
  • The dish’s spirit floor plan includes smoky, meaty, acidic, and a touch of sweetness.
  • It’s very easy and unique.

Health Benefits of Skillet Pork Hash

Pork is simply a awesome root of zinc and robust that your assemblage requires to usability properly. It is besides a top-notch root of macromolecule of nan finest quality. Lean, afloat cooked pork pinch minimal processing tin connection respective advantages erstwhile included successful your diet.

Pork depletion whitethorn supply respective wellness advantages, including:

Muscle Maintenance:

Pork has afloat amino acids, which make them nan perfect building blocks for constructing caller muscle. We suffer musculus wide arsenic we age, which tin origin superior musculus degeneration and diseases for illustration sarcopenia. Slow down aliases reverse Sarcopenia by eating high-quality macromolecule for illustration that recovered successful pork and surviving a patient manner that includes exercise. Additionally, it whitethorn assistance successful maintaining your existent patient muscular tissue.

May Help Lose Weight:

Pork nutrient is fantabulous for low-carb weight-loss programs for illustration nan Ketogenic fare since it is precocious successful macromolecule and contains neither sweetener nor carbohydrates. Furthermore, it has been discovered that regular eating of thin pork nutrient tin thief group suffer weight and trim their assemblage fat.

Potential Risks of Pork:

  • Pork is simply a bully root of galore basal vitamins and nutrients, but it besides has precocious successful sodium and saturated fats, which you should debar arsenic portion of a patient diet.
  • Pork should beryllium arsenic thin and little processed arsenic imaginable if you’re pursuing a debased brackish fare because of bosom wellness issues aliases to debar saturated fats.
  • You should only eat salts aliases sulfites successful very mini amounts, if astatine each imaginable because they are chemic preservatives successful immoderate pig products for illustration bacon. Instead, spell for salt-cured aliases uncured choices.
  • Remember that nan magnitude of fat successful nan pork will alteration depending connected really you hole it. Choose grilling, roasting, baking, aliases broiling complete frying. Avoid bacon and different fatty pig products. Select leaner, little processed, and greater macromolecule types alternatively.

Storage Tips


Although they are champion correct once, you tin support nan leftovers successful nan refrigerator for 3–4 days if they are successful a sealed jar.


You tin take to put nan nutrient backmost successful nan steamer erstwhile you’re fresh to reheat. Or you whitethorn microwave nan dumplings for 30-45 seconds connected a platter pinch a small water.


Place nan prepared dumpling connected a baking tray and frost them until coagulated earlier cooking (a fewer hours to overnight). When chilled, transportation to a sealed jar aliases zip-top bag, wherever it will support for up to 3 3 months. 

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