Summer Dinner Recipes: Weekly Dinner Menu #180

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Hi! Are you excited astir this vacation weekend? What are your plans for nan 4th? We don’t person immoderate yet, but I’m going to effort to deliberation of immoderate nosy things to do arsenic soon arsenic I decorativeness telling you astir 7 tasty Summer Dinner Recipes.

We were in nan country a fewer days this past week, which is eastbound of San Francisco. Here successful nan city, it stays cool astir of nan twelvemonth acknowledgment to nan water breeze and fog, but that is decidedly not existent erstwhile you thrust inland. It was 95 flippin’ degrees astatine our state house, which is excessively basking to group ft outdoors if you inquire me! I don’t cognize really I survived summers successful Mississippi for my first 20 years. I’m specified a wimp now astir nan heat! Since we’re backmost successful SF, we could really task extracurricular for nan vacation play alternatively of hiding successful nan aerial conditioning. I conscionable request to fig retired what we’ll do!

If it’s basking wherever you are, you’ll beryllium willing successful this week’s paper of meal recipes. None of these dishes require nan oven, and immoderate don’t request cooking astatine all! There are besides a mates meals that are bully for nan grill if you are having a cookout this weekend. If you are, don’t hide to make Deviled Egg Potato Salad and Red White & Blue Fluff Salad to spell pinch immoderate you’re grilling!

Summer Dinner Recipes

This week's paper is afloat of Summer meal recipes that won't power up your kitchen!

  1. Stovetop Mac & Cheese pinch Leftover Pork – I utilized leftover rib nutrient for this recipe, but you could adhd successful chickenhearted aliases sausage if you person leftovers of those connected hand.
  2. Ranch Turkey Club Salad – This is different 1 awesome for leftover turkey aliases chicken, aliases rotisserie chickenhearted is cleanable too. You tin navigator nan bacon successful nan microwave if you don’t want to moreover move connected nan stove!
  3. Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps – You can’t hit this 1 for a ray and easy meal.
  4. Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos – I emotion my crockpot successful nan summer!
  5. Bacon Wrapped Grilled Chicken Legs – Everyone will emotion these savory drumsticks.
  6. Sriracha Ranch Chicken Salad – Have this connected sandwiches aliases complete lettuce.
  7. Jalapeno Popper Burgers – This will beryllium your favourite caller measurement to make burgers!