Target's New $3 "Vintage" Holiday Glasses Will Get You Into the Christmas Spirit

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Target storefront

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With nan vacation play officially successful afloat swing, now is nan clip to cleanable your decor game! Who amended to move to successful your clip of request than Target? Thanksgiving is coming successful accelerated — luckily we’re prepared pinch these elegant tumblers and adorable vegetable-themed cheese weapon accessories — and Christmas is not acold behind. 

Target consistently has astonishing vacation decor that fits your style and budget. And now that Christmas is rolling around, Target has caller Christmas glasses that will person you stocking up for your adjacent party.

Why We Love Target’s New Christmas Glasses

When it comes to holiday decor, we want thing that’s going to ray up nan room without wholly breaking nan bank. Since astir of these items only make an quality for a mini fraction of nan year, we want them to make a statement. No 1 seems to understand that conception amended than our aged pal, Target. They’re for illustration a champion friend we tin ever trust on.

Their latest Christmas tumblers are adorable and will easy fresh immoderate vacation scene. Each 13.8-ounce solid displays its ain unsocial vacation creation including a decked-out Christmas character pinch tons of presents, a beautiful array of reddish cranberries pinch greenish leaves, and a elemental “Joy” written successful gold. Each solid has a golden rim for that other fancy touch and would beryllium nan eventual fresh for your adjacent information of winter cocktails.

But we haven’t moreover gotten to nan champion part… nan price! For only $3 each, you tin drawback each 1 of these glasses without spending a fortune. When you comparison them to akin glasses astatine Crate & Barrel for astir $13 each, you tin understand really overmuch of a bargain this really is. Now each personification astatine your adjacent Christmas get-together tin consciousness ornate and festive.