The $15 Target Decor Find Every Thanksgiving Table Needs (Plus, It’s a Great Host Gift!)

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Thanksgiving was ever a spot unconventional for my family. My parents are from Mexico, and they separated erstwhile I was young, truthful we ne'er celebrated successful nan accepted American measurement — instead, we’d spell retired to a restaurant, bid Thai aliases Chinese food, aliases spell to a family friend’s location for Mexican vacation classics for illustration tamales. Since meeting my husband complete a decade ago, I’ve travel to admit nan traditional Thanksgiving dinner that not only includes a picturesque turkey and stuffing, but besides a well-dressed table. 

Because my mother-in-law has hosted Thanksgiving for nan past fewer years, my mom decided she’d effort it retired this year. She seldom hosts ample get-togethers (she’s much into friendly meal parties), truthful I figured I could get her thing to thief connected nan decor front. My mom has ever had awesome style and taste, which meant I was connected nan hunt for thing functional but yet showstopping — and luckily, I stumbled upon nan astir whimsical Thanksgiving decor astatine nary different than Target. The John Derian Collection is an assortment of autumn-inspired pieces, serving bowls, and trays that springiness a classical yet magical vibe. One portion successful particular, however, stood retired arsenic nan astir businesslike and charming for my mom’s array setting: nan $15 3-Piece Fall Vegetable Stoneware Cheese Knife Set.

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

For arsenic agelong arsenic I tin remember, my mom has loved wine and cheese. In fact, her go-to “girl dinner” is simply a personal-sized charcuterie committee pinch a solid of Cabernet Sauvignon — truthful erstwhile I saw this food weapon set, I knew it would beryllium nan cleanable summation to her Thanksgiving table. Not only would nan bold colors and autumn rootlike shapes guidelines retired connected nan table, but she’d besides beryllium capable to usage this group agelong aft nan holidays person ended. 

I besides decided to brace this weapon group pinch a group of cocktail napkins that’ll beryllium adjuvant erstwhile sipping connected nan sangria my mom will inevitably make. I really loved some nan weapon and napkin sets truthful overmuch I sewage them for myself, too!

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

Whether you’re a array of 2 aliases 20, this food weapon group connected a committee of value cheeses will service arsenic a unique, memorable portion of functional decor arsenic good arsenic a delicious amuse-bouche earlier your decadent Thanksgiving dinner. While some nan weapon group and nan cocktail napkins are sold-out astatine Target, you tin find them for conscionable a fewer dollars much connected eBay (find nan weapon group here and here, and nan cocktail napkins here and here).

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