The $2 Holiday Baking Staple That’s Been Missing from Trader Joe’s Shelves — Until Now

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A Spring show successful Trader Joe's. The motion says "Feeling adventurous? Check retired our caller items. We hunt precocious and debased to bring you breathtaking caller products."

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“Baking is going to beryllium conscionable a small spot much nosy this vacation season,” says Tara, a Trader Joe’s worker and cohost of nan play Inside Trader Joe’s podcast. Why is that, you mightiness beryllium wondering? “Because,” explains Tara, “finally Trader Joe’s has sprinkles.” 

You see, nan latest podcast section dropped earlier this week, and successful summation to celebrating nan 10th (!) day (and return of) the beloved Jingle Jangle, she, and chap TJ’s worker and cohost, Matt, are giving america a small sneak preview of nan festive items to come. The astir colorful and cheerful, successful our opinion, is simply a vacation baking staple that’s been mysteriously absent from nan store’s shelves — until now. 

After rounds of tasting and reformulating, Trader Joe’s Christmas Sprinkles are (finally) making their seasonal debut. Plus, nan santa-red bags person already been spotted successful prime stores. 

What You Should Know About Trader Joe’s Christmas Sprinkles 

Made by a “trusted confectionery supplier successful Spain,” according to nan TJ’s website, nan container of Christmas sprinkles contains a operation of hues (red, white, and green) and holiday-themed and classical shapes (conifers, candy canes, snowflakes, stars, circles, and rods). In lieu of artificial dyes, nan sprinkles are colored pinch “naturally derived ingredients,” says Tara, for illustration juice from different fruits and vegetables. 

According to Lori, a merchandise developer astatine Trader Joe’s who traveled to Spain and worked pinch suppliers to create nan last blend, “the colors don’t run” (even aft freezing aliases “on very, very bedewed icing”). “This is different for sprinkles successful general,” she says. “And for a people colored sprinkle to clasp each of its colour for illustration this, I deliberation this is simply a awesome product.” 

We and Matt cognize what you’re thinking: “Sprinkles person been disposable for a agelong clip successful tons of different stores” — present grocer, excluded. The ornamental gem antecedently grounded to participate nan chat because, arsenic Matt explains it, nan folks astatine Trader Joe’s — peculiarly who return portion successful nan grocer’s tasting sheet — are “picky.” Every merchandise is tasted and voted connected by this exclusive panel, and each 1 must person “a minimum of 70% of nan panelists approving a product” earlier it tin participate stores. We can’t hold to break retired nan buttercream and judge for ourselves.

Find it successful stores: Trader Joe’s Christmas Sprinkles, $1.99 for 3.5 ounces

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