The $20 Tool That Makes Popcorn Balls in a Snap (and It’s a Great Gift)

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Popcorn is simply a tried-and-true classic. In fact, it is (and ever will be) my favourite snack. If I’m headed to nan movies, I make a constituent to dainty myself to a buttery container each time, and erstwhile movie nighttime takes spot astatine home, I propulsion retired my popcorn popper to whip up a near-perfect equivalent. (It’s an creation form.) So, immoderate clip we present astatine The Kitchn find a caller gadget related to my snack of choice, I jump astatine nan chance to springiness it a trial tally — which was nan lawsuit pinch nan aforementioned popcorn maker that I can’t extremity raving about.

Who’s down nan stellar machine, you mightiness ask? Dash, an editor-favorite marque down tons of innovative, affordable room items that’ll make your life measurement easier (and much delicious). They waste astir each variety of popcorn popper you could imagine, but we conscionable stumbled crossed a different portion of popcorn cogwheel that’s an absolute must for entertainers — and nan cleanable stocking stuffer for anyone that loves nan snack — and its sanction is nan Popcorn Ball Maker.

What is nan Dash Popcorn Ball Maker?

This gadget delivers instant fun, and your soul kid — aliases existent children — will convey you erstwhile you adhd it to your kitchen. Coming successful a group of 4 (which intends you tin gift them to aggregate group aliases make respective astatine nan aforesaid time), each you person to do to get nan cleanable popcorn shot is scoop up nan ingredients and usage nan articulator to style it. If you want to make them moreover much tasty and melt immoderate cocoa connected top, you wholly can, since it’s microwave-safe. Last but surely not least, erstwhile it’s clip to serve, you’re capable to insert a instrumentality into nan opening slot connected nan top, making nan full endeavor moreover much mess-free.

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

“My family had a awesome clip making s’mores popcorn balls arsenic 1 of our Boxing Day activities. It’s nosy and easy. It was a different acquisition to make these arsenic opposed to nan cookies I usually make during nan holidays. The cleanable up was speedy too.” — terripisces

“Fantastic. No mess, nary sticky hands. Much easier to compress into cleanable balls than different systems. Included look book is very good.” — Robert Pratt

“Used this to make atom crispy dainty balls and it worked perfectly. The kids had a blast and loved it. Reminds maine of my childhood.” — Mamafriz

Once you effort it retired for yourself, you’ll decidedly want to stock nan nosy pinch others, whether you big a popcorn ball-making statement (with nan included look book, everyone tin customize them to their ain preferences!), make immoderate to springiness arsenic edible gifts, aliases simply popular nan gadget into their stocking. All of that for only $20? Yes, please!

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