The 30 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers That They’ll Love a *Latte*

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October 24, 2023

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Around nan holidays, you’ll drawback america often sipping festive favorites, for illustration creamy eggnog aliases a lukewarm mug of peppermint basking cocoa. But java lovers? Nothing tin travel betwixt them and a cup of classical joe, not moreover nan seasonal paper astatine Starbucks. They’ll return their coffee, convey you, beryllium it iced, ray and sweet, aliases bold and black.

If that sounds for illustration nan location barista successful your life, past now’s nan cleanable clip to capable their hypothetical (and literal) cups pinch a coffee-themed gift. Whether they’re a java aficionado who makes each cookware for illustration it’s chemistry people aliases a casual java sipper who cannot spell a greeting without a jolt of java, these gifts will lukewarm their hearts. (And their mugs.)

If words cannot *espresso* really overmuch nan caffeine drinker successful your life intends to you, springiness them a gift they’ll emotion a-*latte.* Scroll to shop nan champion gifts for java lovers this vacation season. And if you’re lucky, a fewer much java puns.

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Coffee makers

Best splurges

De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso and Coffee Machine

De’Longhi, Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso and Coffee Machine — $700.00

If you’re looking to dainty nan caffeine aficionado successful your life this holiday, look nary further than De’Longhi’s exquisite espresso and java maker. It’s equipped pinch a master burr grinder and 13 different settings truthful that you tin customize your cup precisely to your liking. If you’re craving a cappuccino aliases latte, power up immoderate beverage pinch nan built-in frother that gives you cloud-like foam successful an instant. Once you find a look you like, programme nan instrumentality to “remember” it truthful that you tin make it pinch nan push of a fastener nan adjacent go-round. It’s a connection portion nary at-home barista should beryllium without, and good worthy nan price.

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine

Breville, Barista Touch Espresso Machine — $1,000.00

This espresso instrumentality is perfect for beginners and intermediates bent on perfecting nan creation of espresso. Its touchscreen power halfway allows users to prime from a database of 5 pre-programmed java recipes aliases customize their brew settings to their liking. Users can set their java strength, temperature, and beverage texture and person nan action to create and prevention up to 8 personalized coffees. The instrumentality besides has a built-in grinder pinch burr blades, steam wand, and each the tools needed to make a cafe-worthy cup of coffee.

Best mid-priced options

Moccamaster KBGV 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Moccamaster, KBGV 10-Cup Coffee Maker — $349.00

Nic Maloney, a barista astatine nan Great Harvest Bread Company & Cafe successful Burlington, Vermont, antecedently told america that nan Moccamaster makes a awesome gift. (He and his fiancé moreover had it connected their wedding registry.)

“The KGBV Select Coffee Brewer from Moccamaster is simply a awesome action for your mundane drip coffee,” Maloney told Well+Good. “Narrow variables successful brew [temperature] and clip springiness you consistency and reliability without immoderate unnecessary bells and whistles that would thrust nan value up. It offers a elemental personification interface, and its minimal components make for easy assembly and cleanup. It’s everything you request and thing you don’t.”

Breville 12-Cup Precision Brewer With Thermal Carafe

Breville, 12-Cup Precision Brewer With Thermal Carafe — $330.00

Breville’s Precision Brewer has nan bosom of Well+Good nutrient editor Betty Gold. It gives you barista-worthy drip java astatine location without wholly breaking nan bank.

“The instrumentality lets you take whether you want to make a modular 12-cup carafe, a Specialty Coffee Association Gold Cup, an extra-strong pot, iced coffee, acold brew, aliases a wholly customized brew; it moreover lets you prime nan precise h2o brew [temperature],” Gold previously shared. “It’s besides chic, acknowledgment to nan integer surface and sleek stainless steel.”

Best single-serve

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Machine

Nespresso, VertuoPlus Coffee Machine — $199.00

The convenience of a single-serve java shaper meets nan value of a drip aliases pour-over instrumentality successful nan Nespresso VertuoPlus. Engineered pinch a precision brewing system, nan VertuoPlus makes 5-, 8-, and 14-ounce cups pinch nan property of a fastener utilizing nan brand’s delicious Nespresso pods. When done, it’ll automatically eject nan capsule to beryllium recycled. Great for java lovers who are connected nan spell and want a palatable cup successful a pinch.

JoyJolt 6-Cup Italian Moka Pot

JoyJolt, 6-Cup Italian Moka Pot — $20.00

A Moka cookware is simply a convenient and easy measurement to make espresso. This action from JoyJolt makes six shots of espresso—or 2 ample cups of coffee—and it’s compatible pinch gas, electric, ceramic, and induction cooktops. Since it’s lightweight and compact, it’s besides an ideal choice for nan occasional camping adventure. Plus, it’s mini enough to shop successful mini spaces erstwhile not successful use.

Best pour-over

ChefWave Artisan Series Pour Over Coffee Maker Set

ChefWave, Artisan Series Pour Over Coffee Maker Set — $40.00

How beautiful is this pour-over java set?! It’s elemental to use, too: Pop successful a #2 conical select (sold separately), scoop successful your grounds, move complete boiling water, and bask your cup. It’s that easy. And it’s conscionable $40, making it an affordable gift for anyone connected your list.

Coffee accessories

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Fellow, Stagg EKG Electric Kettle — $165.00

An electrical kettle that doubles arsenic a portion of creation makes a thoughtful gift for immoderate caffeine lover, whether java aliases tea. David Palazuelos, java and operations advisor astatine Velty, recommends Fellow’s gorgeous option, which he owns and uses to whip up his regular brew.

“This kettle offers an aesthetically pleasing creation pinch tons of precision for your greeting pour,” he says. “Whether you are making a pour-over, a French press, aliases dissolving your blends of Velty, this kettle provides you nan inferior and practicality for your mundane brewing by allowing you to set to [the] desired temperature. Hands down, it is simply a awesome gift opportunity for a loved one.”

If you’re a instrumentality of Fellow and agleam and cheery cookware marque Great Jones, you’ll want to cheque retired nan Great Fellow Kettle ($165), made successful collaboration pinch Fellow. It’s nan aforesaid arsenic nan OG but features Great Jones’ signature bold colors.

Melitta Montalatte Milk Frother

Melitta, Montalatte Milk Frother — $130.00

If your giftee takes their coffee pinch milk, they mightiness appreciate this beverage frother. It has 4 modes—hot foam, acold foam, basking chocolate, and heated beverage pinch nary foam—to elevate their favourite homemade beverages, and the spout allows users to move nan liquid consecutive into their mugs. It’s easy to use, too: Use nan buttons to toggle betwixt nan different modes and fto it do nan work. It’s dishwasher safe to boot, making it a cinch to clean.

Planetary Design Medium Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

Planetary Design, Medium Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee Canister — $32.00

Good java starts pinch caller beans—the gift that keeps connected giving. Enter, nan Airscape stainless alloy canister, strategically engineered to support beans (or different nuts and goodies) airtight. Each canister comes pinch nan brand’s unsocial plunger lid that locks retired aerial and humidity, preserving each nan freshness and flavor. The stainless alloy besides extends nan assemblage and flavor, preventing them from getting immoderate weird sensation aliases odors while sitting. The bold brushed hues don’t wounded either, adding a popular of colour to nan room antagonistic aliases java cart.

Mademoiselle Olivia Mug

Mademoiselle, Olivia Mug — $45.00

Do you request a tiny stocking stuffer aliases a White Elephant gift? Velty’s CEO and founder, Sharon Taylor, recommends this stunning mug from Mademoiselle, which is simultaneously minimalist and maximalist. “It’s a show-stopper!” she says. “The large grip makes for an easy grip, but honestly, we’re each astir nan aesthetics and really bold and nosy this mug is.” So are we. Get it successful cream, blue, aliases nan colorful terrazzo action pictured above.

Takeya 2 Qt. Cold Brew Maker

Takeya, 2 Qt. Cold Brew Maker — $36.00

Takeya’s nifty cold-brew shaper is simply a favorite among Well+Good editors for its simplicity, effectiveness, and value point. Rather than spending large bucks connected a greeting acold brew, your giftee tin spoon successful their favourite grounds into nan select core. After letting it beryllium successful h2o overnight, they’ll person a batch of delicious acold brew to bask erstwhile they aftermath up. Talk astir convenience.

Umeshiso Big Dipper Rainbow Cupping Spoon

Umeshiso, Big Dipper Rainbow Cupping Spoon — $13.00

This colorful cupping spoon comes pinch nan proposal of Jiyoon Han, co-founder of Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters. “This is what we usage successful master java cuppings to sensation and measure coffee,” she says. Owned by Umeko Motoyoshi, a certified Q java grader and laminitis of nan Umeshiso “gay spoon emporium,” they’re nan cleanable accessory each at-home java cart should have. The marque besides donates to respective organization and communal aid-based organizations monthly, truthful your proceeds tin spell to a bully cause.

Gifts for taking java to go

Aeropress Go Travel Kit

Aeropress, Go Travel Kit — $40.00

Beloved by W+G editors, this Aeropress recreation kit lets you bask a basking cup of java wherever you roam. Each kit contains 1 of nan OG Aeropresses, positive a recreation mug, a scoop, a stirrer, and a carrying case. It’s awesome for hikers, backpackers, and travelers who request a lightweight measurement to make their greeting cup of joe connected nan go.

Stojo, 12 Oz. Collapsible Cup — $15.00

Are you connected nan hunt for caffeinated stocking stuffers? Don’t miss Stojo’s collapsible recreation mug for basking coffee, tea, oatmeal, aliases soup. Its silicone style keeps beverages basking without leaking aliases spilling into cup holders. When it’s empty, illness it and propulsion it into a purse aliases backpack earlier tossing it into nan dishwasher. Plus, it comes successful a rainbow of colors, truthful you tin find 1 to lucifer your java lover’s characteristic perfectly.

Stanley The Perfect Brew Pour-Over Set

Stanley, The Perfect Brew Pour-Over Set — $45.00

Stanley’s hardy pour-over group is an outdoor barista’s dream. Its stainless alloy creation makes it durable and easy to propulsion successful packs. (No worrying astir breaking thing arsenic you locomotion aliases overland astir a bouncy trail.) It besides comes pinch a stainless alloy filter, truthful there’s nary worrying astir packing on insubstantial aliases ceramic options. It has everything you request to bring nan cafe-worthy java to nan campground, which is simply a gift that keeps giving.

Vssl Java Coffee Grinder

Vssl, Java Coffee Grinder — $160.00

For much superior java devotees who want their grounds to go, gift Vssl’s manus java grinder. Its “flip and clip” lever attaches to backpacks and carabiners erstwhile not successful use. Once folks are fresh to sip, they tin unclip nan grinder and usage nan extendable crank to grind down their beans, good aliases coarse. It takes 60 seconds to get 20 grams of perfectly crushed beans, and it takes up virtually nary abstraction successful a way bag.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Ember, Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 — $130.00

You’ll spot Ember’s Smart Mug each complete gift guides this season, for bully reason. Its soul heater keeps java basking and drinkable for up to an hr and 30 minutes, which intends nary much acold coffee. It’s an particularly awesome gift for slow sippers who want to savor each sip of their java. It doesn’t wounded that it comes successful 3 colour options—cherry reddish and classic neutrals, specified arsenic achromatic and black.

Brentwood Electric Coffee Mug With Wire Car Plug

Brentwood, Electric Coffee Mug With Wire Car Plug — $13.00

Brentwood’s recreation mug will keep java lukewarm while your giftee is connected nan go. The 16-ounce stainless alloy mug plugs into your car’s USB larboard aliases lighter socket to support nan liquid wrong it hot. Plus, it’s double wall vacuum-sealed to support their portion somesthesia for hours. It besides has a snap-on lid to forestall spills and a grip for easy sipping.

Gifts for caffeine aficionados

Subminimal, NanoFoamer — $39.00

Subminimal’s NanoFoamer is 1 of Palazuelos’ favourite java tools. “This frother tin create astonishing texture without a steam wand, which is nan dream for a location barista,” he says. “It is user-friendly and it comes pinch an entree codification for a Latte Art Master Class […] How cool is that? You tin easy make your ain at-home latte.”

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza, Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder — $150.00

Many professionals committedness by Burr grinders for getting nan astir body, flavor, and aroma retired of beans. If you person personification connected your shopping database who’s picky astir their cup of joe, Han recommends this superior gadget by Baratza. “It’s a awesome first automatic grinder purchase. It consistently grinds for each brew methods, moreover espresso and French Press,” Han says.

Yield 850 mL Glass French Press

Yield, 850 mL Glass French Press — $85.00

French property lovers tin brew successful style pinch this beautiful property from Yield. It’s made from sturdy borosilicate glass, truthful it tin withstand piping basking boiling h2o to springiness you a delicious cup of java aliases beverage each time. Don’t fto nan delicate creation fool you—it’s dishwasher safe to make cleanup easy.

Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale

Acaia, Pearl Coffee Scale — $150.00

Java geniuses tin get a beautiful brew pinch this moreover much beautiful java standard by Acaia. It has a flow-rate parameter that measures pour-overs successful existent clip truthful you cognize precisely really overmuch h2o to add. Or, measurement nan grounds pinch its responsive weighing exertion that gives meticulous readings successful nan blink of an eye. It doesn’t wounded that it doubles arsenic a activity of art.

*Actual* java + java subscriptions

Four Sigmatic, Focus Organic Coffee Latte — $40.00

Coffee infused pinch mushrooms?! Yep—you publication that right. Four Sigmatic conscionable launched its caller Focus Organic Coffee Latte that requires nary fancy frothers aliases machines—just a cup of basking h2o and a speedy stir. In summation to integrated java beans, each container contains a blend of functional mushrooms for added attraction and clarity, coconut beverage powder for creaminess, and integrated monk consequence for sweetness. Oh, and it has half nan caffeine arsenic your mean cup of coffee.

Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade, Coffee Subscription

Subscriptions commencement astatine $40.

Trade is nan java subscription nine that should beryllium connected everyone’s list. Starting astatine conscionable $40 for 2 bags, Trade will nonstop curated bags from nan country’s apical roasters straight to their door, perfectly roasted truthful they’re caller and fresh to spell erstwhile they get there. Subscribers tin besides alteration their sensation profiles aliases transportation preferences astatine immoderate time.

Velty Uncaffeinated Classic Coffee

Velty, Uncaffeinated Classic Coffee — $28.00

Finally, a delicious cup of java for group pinch delicate guts—Velty’s “uncaffeinated” java makes decaf java that’s adjacent parts delicious and amended for your tummy. Thanks to an intensive sourcing and roasting process mixed pinch an infusion of prebiotics and antioxidants, this is not your mother’s instant coffee. And it makes a no-brainer gift for casual java sippers and pros alike.

Blk & Bold Rise And Grind Coffee Beans

Blk & Bold

Subscriptions commencement astatine $14.

Black-owned java and beverage marque Blk & Bold makes different fabulous subscription gift. Recipients tin prime nan java (or tea!) they want delivered and nonstop it consecutive to their doorway astatine their desired cadence. Profits spell to a bully cause, arsenic nan marque pledges 5 percent of its proceeds to youth-focused organizations nationwide.

Cometeer Gift Box

Cometeer, Gift Box — $64.00

Cometeer’s gift container doubles arsenic a tasting acquisition and subject experiment. The marque makes premiere flash-frozen coffee, stiff astatine highest freshness to sphere apical assemblage and flavor. When plopped into a cup of basking water, it instantly dissolves into a coffee-shop-worthy cup. Each gift container includes 32 pre-packaged capsules—plenty of cups for your friend aliases family personnel to get their caffeine fix.

Grounds and Hounds Coffee Club Subscription

Grounds and Hounds, Coffee Club Subscription

Subscriptions commencement astatine $17.

We emotion Grounds & Hounds’ coffee—it’s flavorful, offers a batch of variety, and each container helps a pup successful request (20 percent of proceeds prevention at-risk dogs). The champion measurement to effort retired Grounds & Hounds is its Coffee Club subscription service. All you person to do is take nan type of java you want (whole, ground, aliases a single-serve pod), take a fewer different flavors (the value of nan container will dangle connected really galore flavors you choose), and capable retired really galore bags you want a month. You tin commencement and extremity your subscription astatine immoderate time. Also, nan merch is excellent, for illustration this Only You Can Prevent Bad Coffee sweatshirt ($45).

Our editors independently prime these products. Making a acquisition done our links whitethorn gain Well+Good a commission.

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