The 5 Best Collapsible Food Storage Containers for Anyone Short on Space

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Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart

Fact of life: Food retention containers are bulky! I cognize you get me. Even retention containers that nest still return up a decent magnitude of space. Which brings maine to, you guessed it, collapsible containers.

There are a ton of containers retired location that grow to fresh copious amounts of nutrient and past strafe down into barely-there, level discs for easy storage. This squish-factor is particularly adjuvant erstwhile you’re bringing quiet containers backmost location aft work.

So, which collapsible nutrient retention containers are worthy nan precious furniture space? These are nan champion ones to stock.


Stojo has cornered nan marketplace erstwhile it comes to collapsible containers beryllium it water bottles, sandwich containers, aliases this silicone nutrient retention container, which has really sold out galore times earlier because it's that good. Made from food-grade silicone, it has a 4.5-cup capacity, positive 4 latches to forestall spills. It's besides dishwasher-safe and disposable successful 8 super-pretty colors.


If a postulation of collapsible containers is what you're after, past this colorful group from Thin Bins fits nan bill. It comes pinch 4 different sizes of containers and costs nether $25, making for an affordable set. The small, medium, large, and extra-large containers person snap-on lids complete pinch vents; nan containers are microwave-safe. They're disposable successful information and rectangle shapes, too.


This colorful trio comes successful 1.5-cup, 3-cup, and 5-cup sizes to clasp mini and ample quanities. They're dishwasher-safe but nan lids don't person latches, truthful they're champion for things that don't person nan imaginable of leaking aliases for storing leftovers that you don't scheme connected toting anywhere.


These information containers are disposable successful a fewer colors, each pinch latches connected nan lids to forestall spills and disposable successful 4 different sizes. They're besides safe for nan microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.


Available successful a fewer colors and successful a rectangular style too, this set comes pinch unafraid snap-on lids that vent for microwaving. Reviewers statement that they're amended for barren nutrient than bedewed and that they person a inclination to stain. However, others telephone them a "space-saving must" and a "terrific collapsible vessel set."

Do you person a collapsible instrumentality aliases vessel you love? Tell america astir it successful nan comments!