The $5 Trader Joe’s Dessert I’m Bringing to Thanksgiving This Year

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Credit: Lauren Masur

During nan holidays, overmuch for illustration erstwhile I would play The Sims erstwhile I was a kid, I for illustration to usage immoderate of nan “cheat codes” I tin find. While I’d emotion to person each nan clip successful nan world to make my yearly Guinness cocoa barroom that impresses fundamentally everyone, I’m nary alien to really bully a store-bought barroom tin be. The “store-bought is fine” queen herself (Ina Garten) moreover says she can’t unrecorded without a definite grocer’s French pome tart, truthful tin we each conscionable yet admit that store-bought is really pretty great? Great.

Taking a page retired of Ina’s book, I person my ain favourite pome dessert I’ll beryllium bringing to the vacation get-togethers this year: Trader Joe’s Rustic Apple Tarte. While not nan aforesaid arsenic Ina’s favourite French pome tart (which besides comes from Trader Joe’s), nan Rustic Apple Tarte is simply a spot much holiday-ready for a fewer reasons — positive it’s besides almost half nan price. 

What’s So Great About Trader Joe’s Rustic Apple Tarte?

I cognize I can’t beryllium unsocial successful seeing each nan aspirationally beautiful galettes filling up Instagram feeds. They’re truthful pretty! So perfectly imperfect! But realistically, I will not beryllium attempting to make 1 during nan vacation season. Thankfully, nan Rustic Apple Tarte saves you from that aforesaid fate, because it’s conscionable arsenic bully (maybe better!) than what you mightiness person attempted astatine home.

Let’s get to it: This dessert is for illustration if a classic pome pie and a custard-laced tart had a lovechild that was truthful very beautiful. The crust unsocial is worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake, pinch a sturdy, not-at-all-soggy bottommost that is nan perfect conveyance for nan cinnamon-spiked pick food filling, crisp Northern Spy apples, and a crumbly almond topping.

On apical of each of that, it looks conscionable arsenic tiny and, yes, rustic, pinch a crimped, golden-brown crust that really adds to nan whole, “No, this is tooootally homemade” look it truthful intelligibly nails. 

What’s nan Best Way to Serve Trader Joe’s Rustic Apple Tarte?

Fresh retired of nan oven, this tarte will service 4 coagulated slices that are, obviously, begging for immoderate crystal pick to bring it each together. This would beryllium a beautiful 1 to service family-style pinch a classical scoop of vanilla connected apical earlier digging in, but I highly propose you spell a somewhat different route: by topping it pinch Trader Joe’s Salted Maple Ice Cream. 

Even if you conscionable opt for a small dusting of powdered sweetener earlier serving (or a drizzle of salted caramel), I deliberation nan Rustic Apple Tarte is nan eventual Thanksgiving cheat code, if location ever was one. 

Find it successful stores: Trader Joe’s Rustic Apple Tarte, $4.99 for 17.6 ounces