The $7 Secret to the Most Decadent No-Bake Desserts

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Whole citrus icebox barroom successful pastry crockery pinch halved lemons successful background.

Credit: Maria Do

Whether you’ve baked a fluffy cheesecake aliases a dense and custardy pumpkin pie, you’ve astir apt pulsed a fewer graham cracker sheets successful a nutrient processor for a crust before. While I emotion nan simplicity of nan three-ingredient crumb crust, I can’t thief but wonderment really graham crackers became our go-to prime erstwhile location are truthful galore different tasty (dare I say, better?) options. 

Before you scheme your vacation menus this year, reconsider your pastry crust. It mightiness beryllium clip to worldly those old graham crackers backmost into their sleeve and scope for thing caller to elevate your no-bake pastry crust. 

Enter: Effie’s Homemade Corn Biscuits. These heavy and crunchy crackers are nan champion substitute for graham cracker crusts. They’re ace crisp, utterly buttery, and person conscionable nan correct magnitude of sweetness to complement — not overwhelm — your filling. No 1 will miss nan wet, sandy graham crackers clinging to nan bottommost of their icebox cake, I promise. 

Credit: Elizabeth Briskin

What’s So Great About Effie’s Homemade Corn Biscuits?

Part of what makes a classic pastry crust truthful irresistible is nan generous usage of butter. Cold food melts successful nan oven, releasing steam and giving nan pastry its signature delicate layers. Of course, nan high-fat dairy besides enriches mixed pinch its signature irresistible flavor. Butter is besides responsible for making Effie’s Corn Biscuits truthful darn bully (it’s nan 2nd ingredient), which is why they conscionable make consciousness successful a crust. 

The good group astatine Effie’s Homemade must beryllium utilizing high-quality food to boot, because nan spirit comes done successful each wound of nan somewhat sweet, wonderfully corn-forward biscuits. My favourite merchandise from Effie’s Homemade can’t-go-wrong offerings besides has a touch of anise. This herb adds a somewhat complex, adult-tasting statement to nan different cookie-like crackers. 

The biscuits besides person an perfect crunchy threat to them and a pleasantly aureate hue. They’re heavy and sturdy, truthful they guidelines up to a dunk successful coffee, tea, aliases lukewarm cider. They besides adhd heft to an appetizer platter, but Effie’s crackers are much than a canvas for a broad of mortadella; nan champion measurement to usage these beauties is successful pastry. 

What’s nan Best Way to Use Effie’s Homemade Corn Biscuits?

So often pinch cream- and custard-topped desserts, nan filling gets each nan glory. But nan instauration of your pastry matters conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic what’s sitting connected apical of it. To make a fancier, much flavorful crumb crust for your adjacent connection sweet, switch nan graham cracker crumbs ounce-for-ounce pinch Effie’s. The easiest measurement to do this is to usage a recipe that includes weights. One container of Effie’s is astir 7 ounces, which besides happens to beryllium nan modular for galore graham cracker crust recipes. 

Effie’s crackers are lightly sweetened, truthful sensation your melted food and crumb substance earlier adding sugar. Depending connected really saccharine your filling is, you whitethorn want to adhd 1 to 4 tablespoons to your crust. Then simply travel nan remainder of nan look arsenic written. 

Buy: Effie’s Homemade Corn Biscuits, $6.50 for 21 cakes (7.2 ounces) astatine Effie’s Homemade 

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