The 8 Best Lunch Boxes To Keep Your Lunch Cold All Day

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Insulated lunchboxes connected colorful background.

Credit: Clockwise from correct to left: Calpak Home; Yeti, Built.

Depending connected nan group you activity with, nan agency refrigerator mightiness not beryllium a safe spot for your lunch. (How anyone tin “mistake” your lovingly assembled kale salad for their #saddesklunch is beyond us!). Or possibly your occupation has you connected nan roadworthy astir of nan day, driving backmost and distant to appointments, and you don’t person entree to a fridge? Or possibly you conscionable person a agelong commute? Either way, you request a luncheon container that’ll support your nutrient cold. Like, really cold. For a long time. These luncheon boxes will support their cool until you’re fresh to eat. The champion part? They’re beautiful stylish to boot.


This cinch-top lunch container from Calpak is arsenic functional arsenic it is fun, pinch an insulated and water-resistant interior that boasts aggregate pockets for keeping your snacks and bites organized. The drawstring apical makes for easy access, while 20 of-the-moment patterns will guarantee you've sewage nan coolest cooler successful nan agency kitchen.

Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover is simply a beloved sanction successful nan recreation industry, truthful it makes consciousness that their luncheon box would beryllium arsenic as functional (not to mention stylish). Made from their signature neoprene, this roomy and insulated battalion boasts mesh pocks wrong to support utensils aliases smaller snacks organized. The champion part? It's made from 4 recycled bottles, truthful it's a acquisition you tin consciousness bully about.

Modern Picnic

If looking pulled together 24/7 is your agency M.O., you'll want to snag this luncheon bag from Modern Picnic. We say luncheon bag, but really it's much for illustration a luxe purse that happens to boast an insulated interior. The existent magic shines connected nan exterior, pinch faux croc leather, aggregate straps, and a classical boxy style reminiscent of immoderate of nan champion designer purses.


Put this container (and each nan different PackIt bags) successful nan freezer overnight to activate its built-in freezable gel. When you aftermath up, nan walls of nan container will beryllium stiff and fresh to support your nutrient acold for up to 10 hours. This easy-carry bag has a brace of useful straps and plentifulness of interior room for your luncheon plus plentifulness of snacks.


This puffer lunchbox is truthful charming, it doubles arsenic a trendy accessory — and 1 that you won't mind toting retired successful nan unfastened connected your measurement to work. The exterior is made from durable (and waterproof!) polyester, which folds level for easy storage. The roomy interior boasts plentifulness of room for nutrient retention containers, crystal packs, and more.


For group who are serious astir their luncheon (or portion smoothies each time long?), there's nary amended marque to move to than Yeti. The institution has a cult pursuing because galore campers and hunters insist their (expensive) coolers are nan best. This luncheon box is meant for day-long wilderness expeditions, truthful you cognize it'll beryllium capable to grip your activity day.


Coleman says this luncheon bag will support contents acold for 24 hours successful 90-degree heat. We've utilized it for a workday and had zero complaints. Bonus: It's large capable to clasp a ample luncheon pinch a fewer drinks, but it's not truthful large and bulky that it's awkward to tote astir during a commute.

L.L. Bean

Technically meant for kids, nan coagulated colors connected this LL Bean luncheon box make for legit options for adults, too. This peculiar luncheon container keeps nutrient acold for hours while staying compact capable to strafe into a backpack, purse, aliases your already-cramped agency refrigerator.