The Best Gifts for Home Cooks According to a Restaurant Worker

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kitchen pinch bluish cookware connected nan stove

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If you’ve ever seen The Bear, you cognize location are major differences betwixt nan unreserved of edifice work and making weeknight meals astatine home. And yet, it doesn’t matter if you’re cooking successful a high-end edifice room aliases whipping up meal aft a agelong time astatine work: Putting attraction and effort into what you navigator and eat tin move immoderate boring sheet of nutrient into an unthinkable culinary experience. That’s 1 of nan reasons why I activity successful hospitality — and a large portion of why I deliberation you should buy a gift for nan location navigator successful your life this vacation season. 

It doesn’t person to beryllium thing ace expensive, either. Just treating them to a memorable repast — aliases amended yet, a gift that helps them make 1 astatine location — is cleanable for those friends aliases family members who emotion to cook. A gift for nan location cook successful your life, whether they’re learning really to scramble eggs aliases perfecting their bouillabaisse recipe, not only develops, but encourages nan room skills and culinary curiosity that leads to cooking awesome nutrient by making clip spent successful nan room much engaging — and improving nan last result.

Great Jones

In my opinion, nan coziest meals are served straight retired of a Dutch oven. (Think bolognese, roast chicken, Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon!) This 3.5-quart Dutch oven from Great Jones is nan cleanable size for a smaller household. Pro Tip: Peep their gorgeous autumnal glossy colorway, Butternut!

West Elm

If you were drinking retired of a java mug past clip you went to a friend’s for vino nighttime this group of vino glasses makes a awesome upgrade. Don’t sweat astir nan cleanable solid for this aliases that vino — for astir of us, it’s much important really nan solid feels successful nan hand. This set from West Elm promises affordable and dishwasher-safe elegance.

From our partner

Murray's Cheese

If you're a self-defined food connoisseur, you understand that food is an basal constituent for immoderate meal. However, it's ever a bully thought to broaden your palate, and that's precisely what this cheese subscription box accomplishes. Every month, Murray's food experts hand-select 2 1/2-pound pieces of food from their food case, on pinch an exclusive point you won't find elsewhere. Each shipment is simply a dainty for your sensation buds and includes nosy facts, master tips, and a caller monger instruction to elevate your food game.

Piquant Post

One of nan biggest barriers to cooking extracurricular of our comfortableness area (or nan cuisines we're utilized to) is getting ahold of hard-to-find ingredients. The solution? A spice subscription. This 1 from Piquant Post includes 4 spices and 4 recipes each month, positive entree to their online catalog of hundreds of recipes, galore of which are plant-based and gluten-free!


Every cook will show you: A dull weapon is 1 of nan astir vulnerable items successful immoderate kitchen. Yet, truthful galore location cooks usage knives which are warped and blunt. I perceive you, a caller weapon is an investment, but put a front connected this handcrafted Japanese blade and your friends will convey you successful nan future.


Walk into a edifice prep room and you won’t spot galore measuring cups, you’ll spot scales. Most cooking is done by weight, and that’s because it conscionable makes truthful overmuch much sense. More precision, less dishes, and possibly a nosy popular of colour — if you spell pinch this timeless model from Escali that comes successful 9 different hues!

Crate & Barrel

Winter is here, which intends it’s clip for soups and stews, baby! The cardinal to that professional, velvety texture? An immersion blender. This 1 from Cuisinart comes equipped pinch nan attachments to go a nutrient processor and electrical mixer all-in-one. Just show your friends to double nan look truthful you tin return immoderate location arsenic a convey you.

Williams Sonoma

My grill’s grates are made from formed iron, and I’ve cooked nan champion meals of nan summertime connected those bad boys. Luckily I — and nan grill maestro successful your life — don’t person to springiness up grill marks for winter! For little than $30, this cast-iron grill pan from bequest shaper Lodge will supply conscionable capable sizzle to scratch nan grilling itch while nan temps are still frigid.


It's difficult to contradict that whether you're astatine location aliases astatine a restaurant, aesthetics matter successful cooking. And, for nan caller chefs successful your life, an Instagram-worthy sheet is going to support them coming backmost to nan room again and again. Make nan prettiest sheet imaginable pinch these 12-inch-long, high-quality tongs. Bonus points if you travel this gift pinch a bushel of integrated microgreens.

Cocktail Kingdom

Just because nan summertime sun has set, doesn’t mean summertime vibes person to! Designed successful collaboration pinch Shannon Mustipher, you tin dash immoderate cinnamon connected your greeting cappuccino aliases nutmeg connected your whiskey sour successful the style of a leaf, pineapple, aliases thenar tree!


Ok, I’ll opportunity it: I for illustration my stainless-steel cookware complete nan formed robust alternative, contempt really rugged and old-school nan second whitethorn be. And, looking astatine nan beat-up handles connected each of nan stainless-steel skillets lined up successful nan restaurant’s kitchen, I’m inclined to deliberation cook agrees — aft all, they're lighter, easy to control, and overmuch little difficult to clean. This 1 from Misen is an absolute steel.