The Best Queso Recipe (restaurant version)

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Queso is delicious.  It is gooey, cheesy, and spicy.  It is an absolute comfortableness nutrient and thing that is astatine its champion erstwhile made pinch simple, market shop ingredients.  But for those of you that emotion queso arsenic overmuch arsenic I do, it is overmuch much than nan sum of it’s basal ingredients aliases cheese, chiles, herb and spices.

this queso look is thick, rich | and delicious

The Best Queso

Queso is simply a quintessential Tex-Mex dish.  It is typically served pinch tortilla chips arsenic a dip but tin besides beryllium utilized to apical gallic fries, baked aliases roasted potatoes, aliases arsenic a condiment connected basking dogs and burgers.  Queso has galore variations based connected location preferences aliases nan chef’s background.  Regardless of individual preferences astir queso is good, this 1 is great!  

the champion queso look served pinch chips and guacamole

Ingredients successful The Best Queso

The instrumentality to awesome queso is American Cheese.  I for illustration to usage Land O Lakes Extra Melt White American Cheese, but Kraft Deluxe American and Velveeta besides work.  These cheeses springiness nan queso a ace creamy, gooey, heavy and rich | texture that you want for a awesome queso dip.

ingredients successful nan champion queso look see cheese, jalapeños, chili paste aliases basking sauce, full beverage and rotel tomatoes

Extra Melt American Cheese is nan guidelines of nan look and what makes that beautifully smooth, heavy and gooey dip.  You get conscionable capable cheesy spirit while still allowing nan flavors from nan chiles, herb and spices to travel through. Remember you tin besides usage Velveeta and make a awesome queso.

Whole Milk is utilized to thief melt and bladed retired nan cheese.  You tin set this magnitude based connected your desired thickness

Rotel Fire Roasted Tomatoes pinch Green Chiles are nan herb successful nan queso.  You want to reserve nan liquid and see it successful nan queso to thief get a small other spirit and nan correct thickness

Granulated Garlic and Ground Cumin springiness nan queso a small other spice.  Because we usage basking condiment I do not adhd immoderate chili powder

Jalapeños I for illustration to usage canned/jarred/pickled jalapenos that are past diced.  I for illustration nan acidity/vinegar and herb consistency of nan pickled type complete caller jalapenos for this recipe.

Hot Sauce is wherever I deviate distant from immoderate much classical recipes.  I for illustration to usage gochujang arsenic nan basking condiment aliases chili paste component.  Because gochujang is simply a heavy paste and does not person arsenic overmuch vinegar arsenic options for illustration Tapatio, Cholula, Franks aliases Velentina I deliberation it useful really good successful this recipe.  It besides adds a much absorbing spirit and bully reddish coloring.  I precocious made this type pinch a Harissa chili paste which was deliciously spicy and added a much pronounced cumin flavor.

How to Make The Best Queso

This look is very elemental but location are 2 tricks to making this queso.  First, make judge you shredd aliases cube nan food into comparatively mini pieces.  This will make nan process of pouring nan food overmuch faster.  Second, spell debased and slow.  Keep nan temp down and operation often to forestall scorching connected nan bottom.  The queso needs to get rather basking to afloat melt nan food truthful nan bottommost tin pain if you are not careful.

Cheese  should beryllium afloat melted erstwhile donecheese should beryllium afloat melted and nan queso should person a soft texture
  1. Chop aliases shred cheese.  
  2. Combine each ingredients successful a mean dense bottomed cookware aliases condiment pan.  
  3. Heat complete medium-low power until afloat melted and conscionable bubbling.  Stir each fewer minutes to guarantee you do not scorch nan bottommost of nan queso.  
  4. Remove from power and fto cool somewhat earlier serving.  
  5. Queso tin beryllium reheated connected nan stove aliases successful nan microwave.
Queso fresh to enjoy

The Best Queso Recipe


restaurant style queso pinch chips

The Best Queso Recipe

  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 3 cups 1x

1lb Extra Melt American Cheese (or Velveeta), trim successful 1inch cubes aliases shredded

3/4 cups full milk

1/2 cup Rotel Fire Roasted Tomatoes pinch greenish chiles

2 spoon granulated garlic

1 spoon crushed cumin

1/4 cup Jalapeños (canned aliases jarred), drained and chopped

1/4 cup gochujang chili paste aliases basking condiment (Tapatio, Cholula, Sriracha, Valentina, Franks)

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  • Author: Anthony Vipond
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 20 mins
  • Category: Dips
  • Cuisine: Tex-Mex

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