The Brand Behind the Seasonings Our Groceries Editor Loves Created a Gift Box That’s Perfect for Every Home Cook

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

In lawsuit you haven’t noticed nan vacation decorations successful nan market store, astatine nan mall, aliases beautiful overmuch anyplace other you look, fto america beryllium nan first to show you that gift-giving play is correct astir nan corner! And, while you’re astir apt still wondering what big-ticket gifting items are going to beryllium on waste for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Spoiler Alert: Many brands person already launched their sales!), it’s besides a bully clip to commencement reasoning astir what smaller, stocking-stuffer presents you’re going to beryllium getting for nan location chefs successful your life. If you’ve already snagged each of nan “Kiss nan Cook” aprons disconnected nan virtual shelves of Amazon, and you’re not judge what to get, don’t panic — we’ve sewage you covered. This year, springiness your cooking-obsessed loved 1 nan gift of spirit pinch nan delicious Portland Salt Co. Signature Collection, which our groceries editor can’t extremity raving about!

What Is nan Portland Salt Co. Signature Collection?

This limited-edition gift box from Portland Salt Co. comes pinch 5 signature savory and saccharine blends: Greek Blend, Pork Rub, Steak Salt, Toast Sugar, and Za’atar. Of course, you’re not constricted to conscionable putting nan Steak Salt connected steak, nan Pork Rub connected pork, and truthful connected — these seasonings are ace versatile and tin spell connected beautiful overmuch everything. Portland Salt Co. besides throws successful immoderate easy-to-follow recipes for creating each sorts of delicious meals. And, because nan seasonings alteration truthful much, your giftee will beryllium squared distant for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. 

Credit: Portland Salt Co.

Why You’ll Love nan Portland Salt Co. Signature Collection 

Don’t conscionable return my connection for it — The Kitchn’s elder groceries editor Mara Weinraub loves this collection, too. “After years of gifting their salts to friends, family, and colleagues (you know, conscionable for fun), founders Becca and Justin went up and made it charismatic — it being Portland Salt Co. and this wonderfully flavorful operation of seasoning salts,” she explains. “Earlier this year, I sewage my hands connected a fewer jars and, since then, each 5 person go basal staples successful my cooking and dessert-ing. Don’t show my mom, this twelvemonth she’s getting 1 for nan holidays.”

So, extremity stressing astir what you will put successful your giftee’s stocking this year, and snag nan Portland Salt Co. Signature Collection. It has our full-throated endorsement, and pinch 5 different selections and included recipes, nan location cook successful your life will beryllium complete nan moon.