The Crafty $6 Hosting Hack Every Thanksgiving Spread Needs

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Overhead position of 2 pies and a sheet of brownies connected brownish trade paper.

Credit: Photo: Vicky Wasik

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I person a fewer traditions I committedness by: making breakfast casserole nan nighttime before, watching nan Macy’s parade and National Dog Show twice, and eating this dip retired of a breadstuff bowl. Those are each non-negotiable for me. But I do person room successful my Thanksgiving ceremony for caller ideas, and I precocious came crossed 1 connected TikTok that I can’t hold to try. Shannon Doherty, 1 of my favourite TikTok creators, came up pinch nan cutest, smartest measurement to usage trade paper to make a vacation buffet, and nan consequence is stunning!

 How to Make a Craft Paper Buffet

Credit: Photo: Vicky Wasik

In nan video, Doherty uses a roll of brownish trade paper from nan Dollar Store (which you tin get for astir $6 connected Amazon) to statement her room countertops. She sets retired nan platters she’s going to usage for Thanksgiving, past uses a Sharpie to explanation each crockery pinch cute, funny names and clever sayings to decorate astir them. Next, she brings successful immoderate autumnal decor — a fewer branches of faux greenery adorn nan cabinets, beverage ray apples and potpourri adhd popular to nan buffet, and what look for illustration pear pomanders spell retired “Give Thanks.” She creates other abstraction for plates, napkins, and silverware and labels those arsenic well.

I perfectly adore this thought for aggregate reasons — for starters, it’s a beautiful measurement to show Thanksgiving dishes without cluttering up an already afloat table. Between nan bottles of wine, plates, glasses, silverware, and my Thanksgiving centerpiece, I really don’t person abstraction for each those dishes connected nan table, truthful a buffet is ideal. Plus, you tin herb it up pinch glitter aliases fun markers — aliases fto nan kids successful connected nan nosy for an extra-special touch!

I besides emotion nan truth that I tin explanation nan dishes and immoderate imaginable allergens aliases dietary accusation correct connected nan trade paper. That way, my guests cognize what foods to debar and which ones are dietarily friends without having to ask! I tin besides stock serving suggestions and pairing notes correct connected nan paper, truthful I don’t person to repetition myself 100 times, which I appreciate.

The champion portion astir this clever hack comes astatine nan extremity of Thanksgiving: Having nan trade insubstantial connected your countertops keeps them cleanable contempt nan dense traffic, truthful each you person to do is pack up leftovers and propulsion distant nan paper! My Thanksgiving is each astir enjoying my favourite traditions, and I can’t hold to adhd this 1 to nan mix.

More Fun Ideas for Craft Paper Buffets

  • If you don’t want to make a afloat Thanksgiving buffet this way, see utilizing nan thought to group up nan dessert aliases beverage station.
  • Use a mini folding array and group up a mini trade insubstantial buffet for kids. Kids emotion being capable to service themselves, and you’ll admit nan easy cleanup erstwhile they’re done.
  • Use barroom stands aliases ornamental boxes to adhd tallness and magnitude to your display.
  • Let your guests ‘vote’ for their favourite crockery by placing a sticker adjacent to nan crockery they liked champion for an extra-fun touch.