The "Delicious" $3 Trader Joe's Side I'm Bringing to Thanksgiving This Year

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Trader Joe's Retail Strip Mall Location. Trader Joe's is simply a concatenation of specialty market stores successful nan U.S. II

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Thanksgiving is only days away, which intends for galore of america who are hosting this year, meal preparations are already successful nan works. But if you consciousness for illustration you are down readying your paper aliases you’re short connected time, don’t interest — Trader Joe’s has travel to nan rescue. The beloved market shop has travel done successful nan clutch pinch a caller summation to its stiff nutrient section: mashed saccharine potatoes. There are fewer foods I bask rather arsenic overmuch arsenic a heaping heap of mashed potatoes, truthful people I had to springiness them a try.

Trader Joe’s New Frozen Mashed Sweet Potatoes

As soon arsenic I heard astir Trader Joe’s caller stiff mashed saccharine potatoes, I grabbed my keys and headed to nan store. I added nan $3 container to my cart, and I wondered really adjacent to homemade they could perchance sensation for specified an affordable price. When I sewage location I publication nan instructions: 1 group for nan microwave, and 1 group for nan stovetop. I decided to effort some for bully measure.

During Thanksgiving, stovetop abstraction is limited, truthful it was a alleviation to observe that they sensation conscionable arsenic delicious erstwhile cooked successful nan microwave arsenic they do basking disconnected nan stove. Cooking nan mashed saccharine potatoes successful nan microwave besides removes nan time-consuming stirring aspect, which is basal erstwhile cooking connected nan stove to debar burning. 

As for nan flavor, deliberation of Trader Joe’s stiff mashed saccharine potatoes arsenic a blank canvas; they are conscionable plain saccharine potatoes, aft all. You tin set nan sensation pinch additions of butter, milk, salt, pepper, cinnamon, maple syrup, marshmallows, and conscionable astir thing other you mightiness usage to jazz up nan dish.

Whether you are a seasoned location navigator aliases hosting Thanksgiving meal for nan very first time, Trader Joe’s has recovered a measurement to make your vacation repast prep easier — not to mention, cheaper. If you’re reasoning of adding mashed saccharine potatoes to nan menu, you’ll want to caput to Trader Joe’s sooner than later, because their latest stiff broadside is judge to waste out. While you’re there, don’t hide to prime up this $5 dessert and a small spot of last-minute fall decor.