The Dos and Don’ts of Costco’s Checkout Etiquette, According to a Superfan

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Costco cart successful cheque retired line.

Credit: Patty Catalano

Grocery stores aren’t a tornado of chaos because shoppers travel behavioral norms without moreover realizing it, but that bid doesn’t ever construe to nan Costco shopping experience. As a loyal Costco personnel (I conscionable celebrated my 13th rank anniversary), I expect hustle and bustle erstwhile storage shopping. I’ve besides noticed that location are unwritten rules circumstantial to Costco that — if followed — tin make for a much pleasant shopping acquisition for everyone. 

Beyond nan nutrient tribunal hacks and shopping cart etiquette, cardinal insiders travel nan dos and don’ts of Costco’s checkout process. Here are 10 things to cognize astir checking retired astatine Costco, whether you’re a first-timer aliases person been a longtime member, for illustration me.

Credit: Michael Gordon/Shutterstock

1. Do usage a cart for moreover nan smallest shopping trips.

Shopping Costco without a cart limits you to only purchasing what you tin hold; it tin besides origin congestion successful nan checkout area. The folks moving nan registry activity successful tandem and usage shopping carts to clear nan area quickly. Do your portion and usage a cart for moreover mini shopping trips. 

2. Don’t participate nan incorrect broadside of nan checkout lane.

Costco staffs 2 labor astatine each registry — 1 to assistance successful unloading and reloading nan carts and different to scan items. After unloading each but nan largest and heaviest items, nan worker will return your cart connected their broadside of nan checkout lane, while you enactment connected nan other broadside to pay. If you’re successful doubt, location are signs astatine nan extremity of each registry loop directing members and carts to their respective sides.

3. Do shape ample items pinch barcodes up. 

Large aliases dense items are usually near successful nan cart for checkout. Make judge they are organized pinch nan barcode facing up, arsenic this helps nan cashier quickly scan items without searching each broadside of nan package. 

4. Don’t stock rank cards.

Costco made nationalist news precocious erstwhile it started cracking down connected rank sharing. Just cognize (before you attack nan checkout line) that you whitethorn slow down nan statement aliases moreover beryllium turned distant if you effort to walk disconnected a rank paper that isn’t your own.

5. Do person your rank paper fresh astatine checkout.

Costco cashiers activity astatine a quickfire pace. One measurement you tin support things moving is to move nan checkout divider upside down truthful that it tin clasp your rank card. The cashier must scan that paper earlier starting immoderate caller order, truthful person it fresh to spell earlier unloading your cart. Don’t hide that you person to scan your rank paper astatine self-checkout stations too. 

6. Don’t time off trash successful your cart.

One of nan perks of shopping astatine Costco is nan free sample stations scattered passim nan store. Those tasty bites are ever served successful a insubstantial cup, pinch a napkin aliases disposable silverware. Be courteous of your chap shoppers and quiet your cart of immoderate trash into 1 of nan galore bins located passim nan shop to support nan cart and checkout area clean.

7. Do cognize what costs methods are accepted.

Before ringing up your cart of goodies, retrieve that not each awesome in installments cards are accepted astatine Costco. The storage only accepts 1 awesome in installments card: Visa. You tin usage mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay), cash, Costco Shop Cards, EBT, galore debit cards pinch a PIN, and personal, business, aliases traveler’s checks. 

8. Don’t artifact postulation aft checking out. 

After checking out, you’ll participate nan astir congested area of nan warehouse. Members leaving nan checkout lanes pinch afloat carts, nan nutrient court, rank desk, and exit are each located successful nan aforesaid constrictive space. Avoid stopping your cart correct extracurricular nan registers to double cheque your receipt aliases reorganize your wallet. Pull complete successful a spot distant from nan heavy trafficked area earlier pausing.

9. Do parallel parkland your cart if you extremity astatine nan nutrient court. 

The nutrient court’s tables are often placed successful nan astir congested area of nan shop — betwixt nan checkout lines and nan exit doors. If you’re stopping to eat pinch a cartload of paid-for goods, parallel parkland your cart against your array truthful that different members tin exit nan storage efficiently.

10. Don’t propulsion retired your receipt earlier leaving.

Costco labor are stationed astatine nan entranceway and exits to cheque your rank paper connected nan measurement successful and your receipt connected nan measurement out. Employees look complete nan receipts of each personnel exiting nan storage to cheque for cashier errors (specifically double scans) and corroborate receipt of big-ticket items. Have your receipt retired and fresh earlier approaching nan doors to debar unnecessary delays.

Got immoderate different checkout dos and don’ts for Costco? Leave them successful nan comments.