The Double-Duty OXO Tool That’ll Guarantee Perfect Baked Goods Every Time

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PIle of s'mores cookies connected waxpaper.

Credit: Kayla Hoang

Baking tin provoke a rollercoaster of emotions. After all, creating a delicious pastry from scratch isn’t each rainbows and sprinkles. The truth is that baking is each astir precise measurements. If you’ve ever recovered yourself elbow-deep successful your room drawers aliases flipping done flour-dusted books to decode portion conversions and constituent swaps, you cognize what I’m talking astir — real room drama. But there’s a solution to this culinary accent that will make a large difference: a food-safe mat that’s fundamentally a baking cheat code. No much hunting for measurements! The OXO Silicone Pastry Mat has portion conversions, adjuvant constituent switch tips, and a built-in ruler border. Imagine baking saccharine treats while being capable to clasp nan simplicity of nan process? This mat will make baking your caller favourite hobby (if not already). A portion of cake, if you will.

What Is nan OXO Silicone Pastry Mat?

This silicone pastry mat protects countertops from spills and provides cardinal accusation for baking. The non-slip, food-safe silicone stays successful spot and is nonstick, truthful nutrient slides correct disconnected it. From diameter outlines to portion conversions, and moreover adjuvant tips for constituent substitutes and a separator that acts arsenic a ruler, there’s nary request to get immoderate screens aliases books soiled looking up nan accusation you request while baking. The mat moreover has guidelines to thief you rotation mixed to nan cleanable size for pies and individual pizzas. It’s a must-have buddy for baking — and nan champion portion is you tin propulsion it successful nan dishwasher for easy cleanup.

What OXO Reviewers Are Saying

“Just what I’d been looking for! Stays put, cleanable nonstick surface, cleanable size, and having nan measurements correct present successful beforehand of maine is an absolute plus. Would decidedly recommend.” — Christine S

“I utilized to laic down flour earlier moving my dough. But much was needed to let easy kneading. I moved connected to utilizing parchment paper, but that ever lifted aliases stuck to nan dough. My hubby suggested I effort a silicone mat. And that did nan trick. We will get much products for illustration this arsenic they are a blessing.” — Linda D

“The cleanable size! I emotion each nan accusation connected nan expanse arsenic well.” — Jay A

Priced astatine $24.99, nan OXO Silicone Pastry Baking Mat is simply a dual-purpose room basal that protects countertops and serves arsenic a convenient baking cheat sheet! It’s made from non-slip, food-safe silicone that releases nutrient smoothly acknowledgment to its nonstick surface. With adjuvant features for illustration mixed diameter outlines and portion conversions, this mat simplifies baking astatine an affordable price.