The Le Creuset Tool I Can’t Stop Using — No, It’s Not a Dutch Oven

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When we bought our first home, we sewage fortunate — nan room was already recently renovated and move-in ready. We conscionable emotion really modern and cleanable nan marble countertops look paired pinch nan achromatic shaker cabinets and matte achromatic pulls. This intends I’m besides a spot obsessed pinch keeping nan counters arsenic spotless and stain-free arsenic possible. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a trusty instrumentality that helps maine do truthful pinch ease.

Using surface protectors to support your counters safe is thing new, but fto maine show you that nan Le Creuset Cool Tool Surface Protector is successful a convention each its own. It comes successful useful each clip I’m successful nan kitchen, and I can’t extremity uncovering caller ways to usage it astir nan house.

There Are Many Ways to Use nan Le Creuset Large Cool Tool Surface Protector

The silicone aboveground protectors are highly versatile — particularly erstwhile I’m cooking. I emotion it truthful overmuch I person 2 successful nan Large size, and they’re nan first point I scope for erstwhile I’m preparing to spell to activity successful nan kitchen. I usage them to quickly remainder a basking sheet aliases cookware erstwhile I’m betwixt cooking tasks. The aboveground protector is heat-resistant up to 482°F and it doesn’t warp aliases respond to precocious power temperatures for illustration others can. (But you should usage be aware erstwhile utilizing them this measurement and ne'er spot a aboveground protector connected an unfastened occurrence aliases nonstop power source.)

You cognize those tough-as-nails jars that put up a conflict each clip you effort to unfastened them? I drawback this useful aboveground protector to get a bully beardown grip successful seconds. They’re 11 1/1 inches squared, which is plentifulness of aboveground abstraction to activity pinch erstwhile I’m resting cooking utensils and cookware lids while I’m making a meal.

The Large Cool Surfacer Protector is besides the cleanable helper erstwhile it’s clip to service a repast too. I person them successful Black and because they’re arsenic chic arsenic they are helpful, I usage them arsenic trivets to protect my woody eating array from steaming serveware. And did I mention it’s safe to usage successful nan dishwasher, freezer, oven, and microwave? I wasn’t kidding erstwhile I said I support uncovering caller ways to usage it.

They’re ace easy to cleanable and store.

When nan meal’s over, these aboveground protectors couldn’t beryllium easier to cleanable and store. The silicone is BPA-free and resistant to stains, odors, and spirit absorption and immoderate messiness wipes correct disconnected pinch a small crockery detergent and water. Because nan aboveground protector’s modern matte decorativeness blends successful truthful good pinch our kitchen, I usage this large ornamental damage-free hook to bent them connected nan broadside of our cabinet. It honestly adds to nan decor!