The Most Underrated Kirkland Signature Item to Get at Costco (Especially for the Holidays)

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Credit: Alastair Wallace

I‘m a card-carrying personnel of nan Peanut Club. I for illustration cocktail peanuts, I for illustration them roasted, I for illustration them chromatic roasted, I for illustration Spanish peanuts (what happened to Spanish peanuts? They look to person fallen retired of manner … Is it nan papery skins?), and I for illustration peanuts successful nan shell. 

But I emotion thing much than Virginia-style peanuts. According to nan National Peanut Board (where I would for illustration to activity someday), Virginia Peanuts are nan largest of each peanuts. They are besides known arsenic nan “ballpark” peanut and are featured successful gourmet snacks. Virginia peanuts relationship for astir 15 percent of full U. S. accumulation and are grown chiefly successful southeastern Virginia, northeastern North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Texas.

Virginia-style peanuts are traditionally cooked successful mini batches successful canola oil, truthful they are amazingly crispy and toasty successful flavor. I emotion them truthful overmuch that I get them successful ample batches astatine Costco, specifically nan Kirkland Signature variety.

While Virginia peanuts tin beryllium a spot pricier than immoderate much communal types of peanuts, I deliberation these are worthy each penny. BUT if you are a Costco member, get fresh for a dainty and a bargain. The warehouse’s tin of Kirkland Virginia Peanuts is simply a robust 40 ounces, and costs only $8.99. On Amazon a 32-ounce tin from different marque sells for $23.29. So that’s 22 cents per ounce for nan Kirkland, compared to 73 cents for nan different brand. Holy cow, right?

(Not a Costco member? You tin really find nan warehouse’s peanuts connected Amazon for astir $8, which is little costly than successful nan stores!)

What’s So Great About Kirkland Signature Super-Extra Large Peanuts?

Kirkland Virginia-style peanuts sensation for illustration perfection. They are generously salted, profoundly nutty, and ace crunchy. Back erstwhile we worked successful nan office, my workfellow and I utilized to person associated custody of tin successful a table drawer and spell successful for handfuls respective times a day. The drawer portion was meant to slow america down, but it has only been somewhat successful. 

I americium not truthful restrained pinch my ain individual tin astatine home. I person a heavy penchant for nan peanuts that person not fallen successful half, and commencement by picking retired nan full peanuts, which supply a soul-satisfying crunch erstwhile you wound into them. But I’m not kicking nan half ones retired of bed, either.

I besides emotion nan thought of having these astir nan holidays arsenic a small DIY barroom snack for entertaining guests. (As agelong arsenic nary 1 successful your group has a peanut allergy, that is. If you’re not TOTALLY sure, conscionable support these for yourself. Peanut allergies are nary joke!)

If I tin extremity snacking connected them agelong capable to navigator pinch them, they bring an astonishing extent of spirit to saccharine and savory dishes alike. 

Have you tried these? What’d you think?