The New $2 Aldi Glassware Gem Hiding in the Refrigerated Section

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Aldi storefront photographed from parking lot

Credit: Patty Catalano

As German discount superstore Aldi drops brand-new groceries and seasonal location decor finds each month, we person to ask: Is location thing they can’t do? From clothes to candles to grilling gear, you can’t really telephone Aldi a market shop anymore. And conscionable successful this month, there’s a dessert pinch a typical hidden feature: a solid ramekin you tin reuse aft you’ve devoured nan saccharine treat.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Crème Brûlée is simply a two-for-one gem that’s going fast, according to Aldi superfans online. The creamy vanilla custard comes pinch a packet of aureate caramel flakes for you to sprinkle connected top, past roast pinch a blowtorch aliases propulsion successful nan oven for a fewer minutes to get that signature thin, crispy caramelized apical — each for conscionable $1.99.

Aside from really delicious it is, let’s talk astir nan existent indulgence: The 3.5-ounce heavy solid ramekin is (obviously) oven-safe, food-safe, and is cleanable for cooking, crafts, and storage. (Think: making your ain crème brûlées, jello cups, aliases different mini desserts, aliases filling it pinch dips, sauces and seasonings successful your adjacent hosting spread.) On nan non-edible broadside of things, it’s conscionable arsenic useful for storing insubstantial clips, toothpicks, jewelry, toiletries, and different trinkets. If you’re craftier than I am, you could moreover usage them to make your ain candles to support aliases springiness distant arsenic gifts. 

Credit: Randi Alexandra Leddington

Aldi has sold a two-pack of their crème brûlées successful nan past for $5.49 successful nan freezer aisle (that came successful these incredible ceramic bowls), but these refrigerated single-serve portions and their solid counterparts person only been seen connected shelves a fewer times during large seasonal drops. Aside from these adorable bowls, this isn’t nan first clip Aldi’s stellar market finds person travel pinch moreover amended reusable packaging. We’ve seen tiramisu changeable glasses, frozen seafood dishes successful ceramic bowls, and, connected nan decor side, solid pumpkin candles and a woody vessel candle that are ripe for repurposing. We emotion Aldi’s dedication to sustainability.

While nan ramekins don’t travel pinch tops (just a portion of bladed foil), you tin bid immoderate stretchy silicone lids disconnected of Amazon for conscionable a fewer bucks to make them moreover much versatile.

If you’re hoping to effort these decadent desserts (or their unthinkable solid bowls), enactment accelerated … because they won’t past long. But don’t interest — we’re judge Aldi will beryllium backmost pinch different reusable gem soon!