The Sneaky Hosting Decor Hack I Do Every Thanksgiving That’s Totally Free

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place mounting pinch leather DIY napkin ring

Credit: Caroline Mullen

I’ve had three different couches successful 2 years, and while immoderate of that is owed to my occupation arsenic a home writer and merchandise tester, it’s besides because I’m very peculiar astir nan value of furnishings I bring home. This process has near maine pinch an excess of upholstery samples, though, and arsenic personification who loves a bully trade (and high-quality supplies), I’ve had them squirreled distant successful nan furniture for complete a twelvemonth now, waiting for inspiration to strike. And, naturally, it did!

Like galore awesome projects I’ve done successful nan past, nan inspiration came from Pinterest. I toyed pinch nan thought of stitching nan samples into small paper holders, laying them retired and framing them, and moreover making  a fewer keychains retired of them, but my favourite usage truthful acold is arsenic napkin holders. I came crossed a fewer napkin holder crafts successful my saved pins and realized that nan leather sofa samples would beryllium nan cleanable size to clasp cloth napkins together connected nan meal table. I had a leather punch and immoderate rivets left complete from a erstwhile project, truthful I was really capable to do this DIY wholly for free. 

(Even if you’re not for illustration maine pinch a leather punch and container of rivets connected hand, you tin conscionable arsenic easy usage a sharp-tipped brace of scissors to flick holes done nan leather, and a set of 160 stainless alloy rivets is little than $5 connected Amazon. Plus, leather is often costly to acquisition successful mini quantities astatine trade stores aliases online, truthful free samples intends a important task costs is offset.)

How and Where to Source Leather Fabric Samples

Just astir each furnishings institution offers free (or very inexpensive) swatches of cloth to prospective customers. The samples are disposable to assistance successful decision-making connected much civilization pieces of furnishings that are often non-refundable, truthful emotion and comparing samples is ever highly encouraged by interior designers and brands alike. The tradeoff present is that you’ll request to participate your email and address, truthful you mightiness person trading materials from nan marque successful nan early (which you tin ever unsubscribe from). 

Some companies I’ve recovered that connection up to 15 free leather samples are arsenic follows: West Elm, Pottery Barn, Interior Define, Benchmade Modern, Burrow, Crate & Barrel, Article, Arhaus, and Castlery. Of course, you tin besides tally by your section trade shop for leather swatches, and make judge to extremity by nan waste and scrap sections.  

How to Create Your Own Leather Napkin Holders: 

1. Start by cutting your portion of leather to nan desired magnitude and width. I recovered that a 1.5-by 4-to-5-inch portion of leather was nan cleanable size to wrap astir a modular fabric blend napkin. If your sample isn’t this agelong widthwise, effort cutting it connected nan diagonal. 

2. Roll nan portion of leather into a circle and overlap nan edges slightly, by astir half an inch. 

3. Punch a spread done nan overlapped ends pinch nan leather punch, being judge to use capable unit to make it done nan 2 layers. If you don’t person a leather punch, cautiously flick done nan leather pinch sharp-tipped scissors until there’s a spread large capable for a rivet to gaffe into. 

4. Insert and threat connected a rivet to 1 broadside of nan napkin ring.

5. On nan different side, snip a mini opening from nan punched spread to let nan rivet to fresh done snugly, for illustration a fastener connected a brace of pants aliases a cardigan. 

6. Roll up your napkins and fastener connected your caller napkin rings!