The Strange Decor Item Martha Stewart Always Has on Her Thanksgiving Table

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Martha Stewart headshot connected colored background

Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Home cooking multi-hyphenate icon Martha Stewart is known arsenic thing of a holiday decorator extraordinaire — but she has 1 circumstantial hosting wont we can’t rather get over. In an exclusive question and reply pinch The Kitchn, she told america nan decor point she goes each retired connected for Thanksgiving: turkeys. And a full batch of them.

It mightiness not sound truthful unusual (the turkey is nan prima of nan holiday, aft all), but it gets … interesting. When asked really she’d beryllium decorating her Thanksgiving array this year, she sewage correct to it. “Well, I person rather a postulation of turkeys. I person taxidermy turkeys and I person solid turkeys and I person pottery turkeys,” Stewart said. “And astir apt a batch of those will beryllium put connected my agelong table, and past I person different tables successful a smaller eating room and I person a structure now that we tin eat in.” 

So not conscionable tiny small ceramic turkeys, but stuffed taxidermy ones, too. Stewart, who has a partnership pinch Pure Leaf, really has rather a history pinch nan big-feathered bird. 

“I utilized to unrecorded connected Turkey Hill Road and my location was called Turkey Hill, and I started my large turkey postulation then,” Stewart said. “And it will proceed to travel retired connected Thanksgiving time. And I have many. Watch my show connected Roku — I person a gigantic mold, a awesome large aged cocoa mold, and we’ve made 2 large cocoa turkeys this twelvemonth and I person them fresh to spell connected nan array — very large, beautiful cocoa turkeys. The solid and pottery turkeys, each that stuff, will beryllium out.”

Of course, we’d ne'er sound anyone’s decor penchant — we conscionable person to opportunity we weren’t expecting this from Miss Martha. In an Instagram post from past November, she noted that nan astir caller turkey count astatine nan clip was 112 turkeys, acknowledgment to nan kids astatine nan party. I’d beryllium shocked if that wasn’t a world record!

Although she recently announced she’s canceling her at-home Thanksgiving ceremony this twelvemonth because she’s “all turkeyed out” and 9 of her guests person gotten sick, we’re judge her ample (and growing) turkey postulation will beryllium connected show adjacent November. And we conscionable dream we get a photo!

Although they don’t waste taxidermy turkeys connected Amazon (you’ll person to effort Etsy aliases eBay), location are plentifulness of different turkey decorations to love, from turkey platters to turkey-shaped foods, positive plentifulness of different Thanksgiving array decor ideas you’ll want to try. Happy Thanksgiving to all, but particularly to Martha Stewart’s turkey collection!