These Two Pantry Items Took My At-Home Movie Nights to the Next Level

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Credit: Lauren Volo

Well, nan acold upwind is yet here, and alternatively of barroom hopping and lounging successful nan park, these days, it’s beautiful tempting to plop down connected nan couch, put connected immoderate Netflix, and person a cozy movie nighttime astatine home. (Plus, there’s thing rather for illustration nan unreserved of canceling plans — IYKYK.) However, successful my house, erstwhile we do movie nights, we do them nan correct way. I’m talking astir a large dinner, beers, temper lighting, snacks, and — of people — hot chocolate and popcorn. After all, getting to loaf astir successful sweatpants, region nan movie whenever you want, and indulge successful a assortment of snacks are what makes viewing from nan comfortableness of nan sofa truthful overmuch superior to heading to nan theater, IMO. And recently, my woman and I person been enjoying 2 delicious pantry items connected movie nights that person taken our at-home movie nights to nan adjacent level: nan Hot Cocoa Bundle and Jalapeño Ranch Popcorn Seasoning from Savory Spice.

What Are nan Hot Cocoa Bundle and Jalapeño Ranch Popcorn Seasoning?

If you’re looking to make nan eventual cup of basking cocoa this winter, look nary further than nan Hot Cocoa Bundle. It comes pinch everything you request — isolated from a festive mug — including Dutch Cocoa Powder, Cinnamon Sugar, and Peppermint Vanilla Bean Sugar. Just adhd basking beverage aliases h2o to nan cocoa powder successful a ratio of your choosing, and sprinkle immoderate sweetener successful your portion (or you tin statement nan rim of your mug!) and you’re bully to go. To bask nan Jalapeño Ranch Popcorn Seasoning, conscionable make a vessel of popcorn for illustration you usually would, play it to your liking, and springiness nan vessel a coagulated toss. That way, you don’t person to trust connected pre-seasoned popcorn to get nan nonstop level of spirit you’re looking for. 

Why I Love nan Hot Cocoa Bundle and Jalapeño Ranch Popcorn Seasoning

Look, while I emotion Swiss Miss, Dutch Cocoa Powder is specified a measurement up, and it really blows your mean market shop basking cocoa retired of nan water. And, arsenic personification who doesn’t love sweets, it takes a batch for maine to travel astir to chocolate-based products, but during nan colder months of nan year, I can’t look to get enough. As for nan popcorn seasoning, I mean, who doesn’t emotion each things ranch? You tin decidedly bask this connected your popcorn — which I highly urge — but you tin besides apical disconnected plentifulness of different snacks pinch nan seasoning, including fries and broadside dishes. Plus, you tin adhd nan jalapeño ranch powder to sour pick to make a delicious statement dip. And, though they don’t travel successful a bundle, buying some is simply a awesome measurement to guarantee that your movie nights (or your loved ones’ movie nights) are cleanable each time.