This $11 Gadget Makes Burnt Pie Crusts a Thing of the Past

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Overhead position of a portion of pecan pastry being taken retired of a full pastry successful a solid dish.

Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe ; Food Stylist: Brett Regot

If there’s 1 point that group cognize astir my mother, it’s that she’s a baker extraordinaire. From decadent homemade cinnamon buns and luscious lemon bars to nan astir delectable cookies and showstopping cakes that would gain her a Hollywood Handshake (IFKYK), she’s genuinely a baking rockstar. Now while my skills ray successful comparison to hers, I person picked up a point aliases 2 complete nan years and see myself a promising baker pinch what feels for illustration a concealed handbook of tips that make it look easier than it is.

One dainty my mom perpetually makes is pie, and arsenic a baker who swears by making her ain crust, she has perfected nan recipe, baking time, and method. One of her biggest tips? A not-so-secret hack of wrapping foil astir nan separator to guarantee a perfectly tanned crust that’s ne'er burned. Now while a coagulated tip, successful nan strategy of things, it tin get wasteful erstwhile you deliberation astir really overmuch aluminum foil you extremity up utilizing (especially during nan autumn baking season). Luckily, I recovered a smart, reusable solution that’s judge to alteration nan measurement you (and my mother) bakes: nan Talisman Designs Baking Pie Crust Shield.

What is nan Talisman Designs Making Pie Crust Shield?

The thought of nan Talisman Designs Baking Pie Crust Shield is simple: a reusable silicone shield that wraps astir nan crust of your pie, preventing burning and redeeming you tons of aluminium foil. The brilliant of this instrumentality comes successful nan design. Made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, this pastry crust screen is not only flexible, it’s adjustable (you tin set nan diameter from 8 to 11.5 inches by sliding nan fastener into nan notch arsenic needed.) The champion part? When you’re done utilizing it, simply flip it successful nan apical rack of nan dishwasher. What’s not to love!?

What Amazon Shoppers Are Saying

“Of each nan room gadgets I person purchased complete nan years, this is 1 I wish I had purchased years ago. I person been baking pies for years, and ever fumbled astir trying to fresh foil astir nan pastry to support nan crust from getting excessively brown. This silicone screen is truthful easy to usage and stays successful place. I perfectly LOVE it. Highly recommend!”

“This really works. I’ve ne'er had a pastry crust shield that worked for illustration this 1 does. Put it connected erstwhile nan pastry goes successful nan oven adjusting to nan size of nan pastry which is truthful easy to do and return it disconnected erstwhile nan pastry is done. No much burnt crust edges. Finally my full pastry looks perfect.”

“This truthful thumps wrestling pinch foil astir nan pastry crust separator to support from complete browning and adjusts to various sizes. It’s a no-brained, bargain it!”

The Talisman Designs Making Pie Crust Shield comes successful astatine conscionable $10.99, making it 1 of nan astir affordable baking investments around, particularly for nan dedicated pastry lovers retired there. So opportunity goodbye to wasteful aluminum foil and burnt crusts, and prime up this ingenious find. By nan way, it besides makes a awesome gift for nan baker successful your life! (Mom, I really dream you don’t publication this earlier Christmas).