This 12-in-1 Smart Oven Will Save You 12x the Cooking Time in the Kitchen—And It’s $100 Off Today *Only*

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October 22, 2023

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Things we love: cooking, baking, and whipping up homemade meals for friends and family. Things we don't love? The time it takes to do each those things—the sooner we get to chowing down, nan better!

Enter, time-saving, multipurpose appliances for illustration nan Ninja 12-in-1 Double Smart Oven (originally $350, now $240), which is possibly nan astir elastic of each nan aerial fryer-adjacent products connected nan market. And you’re successful luck—it’s connected waste correct now for $240 ($100 disconnected nan normal price!) astatine QVC. There's conscionable 1 catch—that $100 discount is only valid done tomorrow, October 23.

Ninja, 12-in-1 Smart Double Oven — $240.00

Originally $350, now $240

Includes nan countertop oven, 2 expanse pans, 2 ligament racks, aerial fry basket, removable crumb tray, and chef-created look book pinch 15 recipes and cooking charts.


  • Two ovens that tin beryllium utilized separately aliases together
  • 12 cooking functions
  • Faster cooking times to get meal connected nan array quickly  
  • FlavorSeal exertion prevents smells/flavors from blending
  • Family-sized capacity: fits capable nutrient astatine erstwhile to provender up to 8 group

The Ninja 12-in-1 Double Smart Oven is virtually 2 ovens successful 1 and combines a whopping 12 cooking functions into a single, mini appliance (perfect for redeeming abstraction connected your antagonistic aliases successful your cabinets).  There's a "rapid oven" connected apical that bakes, broils, reheats, keeps nutrient warm, and toasts. In nan bottommost convection oven, you tin aerial fry, bake, aerial roast, full roast, dehydrate, and more, each pinch nan click of a button. No matter really you usage them, these functions are cardinal for whipping up aggregate sides astatine erstwhile and wholly destruct immoderate back-to-back cooking, yet cutting down prep clip by much than 65 percent.

Both ovens are separated by a FlexDoor, which allows you to navigator astatine 2 different modes, temperatures, and for different lengths of time. If you're worried astir things overheating aliases not getting lukewarm enough, don't—the Ninja Foodi comes equipped pinch a leave-in thermometer to support each of nan ovens astatine nan precise somesthesia you need. And if you're worried astir smells and flavors seeping into your meals, don't interest astir that, either—the FlavorSeal exertion prevents smells from crossing betwixt nan 2 ovens, truthful you won’t ever extremity up pinch a dessert that tastes for illustration ail and rosemary, aliases a savory crockery pinch a beardown cinnamon flavor.

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Each Ninja Foodi oven comes pinch each of nan accessories you’ll request to commencement creating delicious dishes (even connected sale, everything’s included): it comes pinch nan oven itself, a removable crumb tray, 2 expanse pans and 2 ligament racks, a handbasket for aerial frying, and moreover a chef-curated look book to get you started. And, arsenic we mentioned, it each fits connected your countertop, and tin easy switch nan request for aggregate toasters, ary fryers, and different single-use cooking gadgets. As 1 shopper shares: “Size-wise, its footprint is hardly bigger than our anterior toaster oven and cleanup is elemental arsenic well. Our full family gives it a awesome thumbs-up and already can't ideate cooking and repast prep without it successful our lives!”

Whether you’re shopping for yourself aliases getting up connected vacation shopping, this one-day woody astatine QVC is worthy shopping. Today only, nan Ninja 12-in-1 Double Smart Oven is simply a whopping $100 off. Get yours here.

Our editors independently prime these products. Making a acquisition done our links whitethorn gain Well+Good a commission.

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