This $20 Sam’s Club Holiday Staple Is a Total Dupe for a Fancy Name-Brand Favorite

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Sam's Club Warehouse. Sam's Club is simply a concatenation of rank only stores owned by Walmart II

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If your vacation soundtrack involves nan sounds of bottles popping and glasses clinking, you’ve travel to nan correct post. Sparkling vino is practically nan charismatic portion of New Year’s Eve (if not nan full period of December) — and yes that includes low– and non-alcoholic varieties arsenic well. Those Wednesday greeting meetings aren’t going to tally themselves … yet. 

While galore of america would emotion thing much than to toast nan play pinch fancy bubbly from now done nan shot drop, that’s not precisely nan astir economical (or realistic!) measurement to walk our hard-earned dollars. Enter: Sam’s Club.

On a caller travel to The Club — via a Real-Housewives-esque statement autobus — I learned a lot astir its Member’s Mark Champagne Didier Dumond Brut (aka nan warehouse’s store-brand vessel of bubbly). The team, according to nan Sam’s Club IG, “partnered pinch a family of winemakers pinch complete 100 years of experience, and did aggregate tastings” earlier landing connected nan bubbly successful this bottle, which launched successful October 2021.

If you’re reasoning hey, that vessel looks familiar, past you’d beryllium correct. The Champagne vessel is strikingly akin to a name-brand favorite, from nan gold-foiled wrapping down to nan yellow-orange label.

There is 1 very large distinction: nan value tag. At nan clip I visited, nan Member’s Mark Champagne was $19.98, compared to $59.48 for nan name-brand bottle. That’s astir a 3rd of nan price.  

Of course, that discount intends thing if nan Champagne itself is thing little than stellar. So I did what almost immoderate market editor pinch a shop in installments courtesy of Sam’s Club would do; I grabbed a vessel of each and headed for checkout. The pursuing week I brought some to our agency Friendsgiving and asked coworkers to return portion successful a unsighted tasting comparing nan two. What happened adjacent was pleasantly surprising.

After chilling some bottles successful nan aforesaid fridge for nan aforesaid magnitude of time, I popped them unfastened and poured nan Champagne into a operation of unmarked flutes and coupes. Several group leapt astatine nan chance to portion free Champagne — nan champion kind. (Where were galore of you erstwhile canned pumpkin came around?!)

Tasters took 1 solid from each group and sampled them 1 aft nan other. In summation to asking tasters to picture each of nan Champagnes, and what they liked (or didn’t) astir them, they had to conjecture which was nan Sam’s Club marque and which was nan $$$ bottle. It wasn’t agelong earlier nan glasses were quiet and nan results were in. 

Nearly half of nan tasters thought nan Member’s Mark Champagne Didier Dumond Brut was really nan much costly bottle. “I was convinced I could show nan quality betwixt nan 2 Champagne options,” says Cullen, our Home Associate Editor, “but I was SO wrong.” She thinks “both Champagnes person an elevated taste,” and moreover ended up mixing nan 2 together. (She wasn’t nan only 1 either.)

Rebecca, our Vice President of Audience Growth, likes that it “has much of a bite,” “pear flavor,” and 
“more/bigger bubbles!” (Its tart spirit reminds Camey, our Director of Brand Partnerships, of greenish apple, which she is very into.) Several tasters besides statement it’s somewhat sweeter than nan name-brand counterpart.

Even nan tasters who correctly matched nan Champagnes to their bottles were impressed pinch nan budget-friendly alt: “I really do for illustration them both!,” says Camey. “I’d decidedly bring nan little costly 1 to an arena if I cognize group aren’t vino snobs.”  

While Tom, a erstwhile bartender and our existent Studio Producer/margarita-ologist, feels nan pricier prime is “a spot much complex” pinch “a acquainted sensation of toast that tin travel pinch high-end Champagnes,” he besides likes that Sam’s is “simple and light.” Adding, “I would happily bargain either.”

Buy: Sam’s Club Member’s Mark Champagne Didier Dumond Brut, $19.98 for 750 mL 

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