This $25 Restaurant-Grade Baking Dish Helped Me Make the Best Cake for My Friend’s Birthday (It Got So Many Compliments!)

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sliced pome fritter barroom connected achromatic parchment

Credit: Kristina Vanni

Look, I’m not overmuch of a baker, and I consciousness for illustration I person to travel correct retired and opportunity that nan title of this portion is simply a touch misleading, successful that I took a much … “supervisory” domiciled while my astonishing woman (hi, Brooke!) baked nan barroom successful question. Basically, a friend of excavation precocious had a day statement astatine a barroom that lets you bring successful extracurricular food, and arsenic I’ve been looking for an excuse to trial retired nan highly acclaimed Great Jones Square One (from nan makers of immoderate of our editors’ favourite cookware), I jumped astatine nan chance. We decided to make a churro-inspired barroom pinch pick food frosting — which, if you’ve ne'er made one, you should — and moreover though I’m not a immense instrumentality of sweets, it was a full hit. The results were unsurprisingly awesome, acknowledgment successful nary mini portion to nan effectiveness and gorgeous position of nan pan. (Psst: Great Jones is having a huge Black Friday sale arsenic we speak!)

What Is nan Great Jones Square One?

This dishwasher-friendly quadrate baking dish features Great Jones’ signature groovy, corrugated bottommost and nonstick, non-toxic coating. It measures 9×9 inches, is made pinch aluminized alloy for durability, and weighs conscionable 1.5 pounds, truthful you won’t beryllium struggling to put this successful nan oven, dissimilar dense formed robust aliases ceramic. It’s oven-safe up to 450°F, and is disposable successful 2 shades, Broccoli (a agleam green) and Blueberry (a striking blue). I sewage excavation successful Blueberry, and I couldn’t beryllium happier.   

Why I Love nan Great Jones Square One

While nan biggest tie for maine is really effective nan cookware is, I first person to get crossed conscionable really gorgeous nan Square One is. After baking and decorating nan cake, we realized we didn’t person a Tupperware large capable to put it in, truthful we figured, what nan heck, and popped it backmost into nan cookware and conscionable put immoderate foil crossed nan top. That turned retired to beryllium a awesome determination because we sewage so galore compliments connected nan nosy shadiness of bluish — alternatively than a beat-up aged metallic barroom pan. Essentially, it’s its ain serving plate. As for nan baking itself, we couldn’t inquire for more, since location was nary warping successful nan oven, it baked ace evenly, and nan non-toxic, nonstick coating is really arsenic awesome arsenic Great Jones suggests. They besides declare that nan wavy textured bottommost allows for extra-easy release, and we tin decidedly corroborate that. (The image supra was taken after we popped nan barroom retired — without immoderate washing aliases wiping.)

The textured bottommost besides leaves a cool imprint connected nan guidelines of nan cake. At 9×9 inches, it’s a awesome size for smaller households, but it tin besides make a barroom for a bunch of group (we had 10 people) depending connected nan size of your slice. Plus, it’s beautiful slim truthful that you tin usage it arsenic a retention instrumentality (with a small foil) successful nan fridge. And, arsenic you tin see, nan barroom was a immense hit. 

We’re not nan only ones who excavation nan Square One, either. “There really is thing to having bakeware successful nosy colors — it makes life truthful overmuch much fun,” 1 reviewer wrote. “These are arsenic beautiful arsenic they are functional.” So, if you’re connected nan hunt for your adjacent portion of everlastingly bakeware, you really can’t spell incorrect pinch Great Jones’ Square One — particularly while it’s connected sale!

Buy: Square One, $25 (normally $30)