This $50 Electric Spin Scrubber Makes Cleaning My Kitchen and Bathroom Way Easier (It’s on Sale!)

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Rear position of female astatine room descend successful beforehand of model doing dishes

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I, too, person seen countless videos of electrical spin scrubbers connected societal media. Cleaning TikTok, successful particular, has taken a liking to these kinds of devices this twelvemonth — a post featuring Ryboi’s version captioned “work smarter, not harder,” moreover sewage much than a cardinal likes conscionable a mates of months ago. For a while, I ne'er was afloat convinced that I needed 1 for myself. My play cleaning process should beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic possible, and I thought that my spray vessel and cleaning rags had been doing nan occupation conscionable fine. Why adhd a pricey spot of machinery to my routine?

However, adjacent unit is wholly real, and nan much videos I saw that showed nan nighttime and time quality earlier and aft utilizing an electrical rotation scrubber, nan much I wanted one. Plus, much than 1 of my coworkers said that their ain rotation scrubbers wholly changed their cleaning regular for nan better. Commerce SEO editor Sarah moreover went arsenic acold arsenic to say it astir made her chores enjoyable. So erstwhile I had nan opportunity to effort retired Dremel’s latest powerfulness scrubber — which they made successful collaboration pinch Scrub Daddy — I jumped astatine nan chance.

What is nan Dremel Versa Scrub Daddy Power Scrubber Tool Kit?

This mini but mighty scrubber combines Dremel’s Versa strategy — it’s a handheld, cordless instrumentality pinch a powerful velocity of 2,200 RPM — pinch Scrub Daddy’s sponges. It tin tackle rather virtually immoderate messiness that’s thrown astatine it, successful astir immoderate location successful your home, including sinks, stoves, ovens, showers, tile walls, and truthful on. If you don’t person a dishwasher and are sick of hand-washing each of your dishes and cookware, it tin moreover cleanable those up, too! You tin alteration retired nan Scrub Daddy sponge depending connected nan type of aboveground you’re dealing with. The kit includes Eraser Daddy, Original, Resofoam, Scour, and Steel Scour pads that connect securely via Velcro, arsenic good arsenic a charging cord and scatter guard.

Why I Love nan Dremel Versa Scrub Daddy Power Scrubber Tool Kit 

After adding this device to my heavy cleaning routine, I don’t deliberation I’ll request to scrub astatine my counters and bath arsenic often arsenic I utilized to — it cuts done that overmuch grime. But I’m getting up of myself: Assembly was wholly trouble-free, and truthful was figuring retired really to get it going. I sprayed a spot of Bar Keepers Friend connected my stove, placed nan scatter defender connected nan scrubber, and applied nan original Scrub Daddy sponge, and was fresh to go. At first, I was shocked astatine how overmuch powerfulness specified a mini instrumentality contained, but it wasn’t truthful beardown that it was difficult to control. It does battalion capable punch that I wouldn’t usage it without nan scatter guard, aliases other nan cleaning solution would surely splatter connected me.

In minutes, nan week-worth of debris that was caked onto our stove was gone. With 2 roommates who aren’t precisely tidy pinch their cooking, nan messiness wasn’t minimal — but afterward, it was truthful clear that I could astir spot myself successful nan reflection of our stovetop. Next, I moved onto nan counters, erstwhile again spraying a spot of solution connected nan surface. Before I started, though, each I had to do to cleanable disconnected nan sponge was rinse it successful nan descend for a mates of seconds, and it was bully arsenic new. Just arsenic I expected, aft I was done, my counters had rather virtually ne'er looked better, moreover compared to erstwhile I moved in. The results were conscionable arsenic awesome erstwhile I utilized nan scrubber connected my room and bath sink.

Now that I’ve seen nan light, I’m ne'er going backmost to cleaning rags again. With Thanksgiving connected nan horizon, my adjacent task is to return nan Versa scrubber to my oven, and I person nary uncertainty it’ll time off it sparkling for illustration it did each different aboveground I utilized it on. Trust me, if you’ve been hesitant to get an electrical scrubber for illustration I was, this is your motion to return nan leap — particularly since it’s presently connected sale!