This 9-in-1 Air-Fry Oven Will Replace So Many Appliances and Save You Tons of Space (It’s on Sale!)

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Chicken and potatoes cooked successful a foil packet

Credit: Jesse Szewczyk

Look, if I had my way, my full flat would beryllium 1 elephantine kitchen, pinch capable countertop abstraction to location an aerial fryer, toaster oven, drip java machine, slow cooker, dehydrator, blender, nutrient processor — you get nan idea. However, unless my landlord has immoderate superior renovations planned (let maine know, Dave!), I’m astir apt retired of luck connected that front. That’s why I person to beryllium truthful judicious astir which mini appliances get to return up their stock of my precious countertop existent estate. Right now, I person an espresso machine, a toaster, a microwave, and our router/modem combo — not my idea, that’s conscionable wherever they put nan cablegram — truthful you could opportunity it’s beautiful jammed. However, location are a ton of multi-cooker options that harvester nan features of a bunch of different mini appliances that fto you prevention abstraction and consolidate your appliances. Our latest find successful this category? The GreenPan Bistro 9-in-1 Convection Air Fry Oven, which is connected waste correct now astatine QVC. 

What Is nan GreenPan Bistro 9-in-1 Convection Air Fry Oven? 

This multitasking convection oven has a PFAS-free nonstick interior pinch 9 functions — aerial fry, bake, toast, dehydrate, broil, slow cook, warm, and pizza — which intends it tin do everything from proofing mixed and roasting an full chickenhearted to producing individual pizzas, making jerky, and overmuch more. Plus, it’s from GreenPan, which is an editor-favorite marque that we cognize you tin trust. The oven comes pinch an adjustable stainless-steel rack, a baking pan, an aerial fry basket, and a crumb tray. It tin scope a apical power of 450°F and has an easy-to-use LED show for no-nonsense cooking. The trays and ligament racks are dishwasher-safe, too, which makes cleanup a full breeze. 

What QVC Reviewers Are Saying

“I’ve been a immense instrumentality of GreenPan for nan past 2 years (I person a cookware set, knives and their atom cooker) truthful I was beyond excited for this oven to arrive. It was everything I expected and more! It’s nan cleanable size for my location and truthful easy to use. There are respective features but our favourite has to beryllium baking homemade pizza. It comes retired cleanable each azygous time!” — Jujugee

“I was successful hopeless request of a caller toaster oven truthful I sewage this 1 from greenpan a fewer weeks agone and person been wholly blown away. I’ve utilized each nan settings and everything comes retired conscionable nan measurement I like! This fits perfectly successful my room and is getting truthful overmuch use. So happy pinch this!!” — Johnny Appleseed

“I’m astir to propulsion retired my oven, this aerial fry toaster oven is each that I need! I’m ever connected nan spell and being capable to travel location and quickly navigator immoderate repast correct connected nan countertop saves maine time, space, and truthful overmuch energy. I’m ever wowed by really my meals descent correct of nan cookware and really easy it is to clean! LOVE THIS!” — Mike McQ