This Bread Combo Is the Secret to Better Stuffing, According to a Pro Chef

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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman | Food Stylist: Cyd McDowell

While we tin apt each work together that stuffing is simply a must connected nan Thanksgiving table, deciding what kind of stuffing is wherever things get dicey. Top Chef champion Kristen Kish’s family is not dissimilar our ain — divided betwixt achromatic breadstuff devotees and classical cornbread stuffing lovers. The solution was simple, but 1 I hadn’t seen before: Instead of settling for one, nan Kish family landed connected a two-bread compromise. Would this beryllium nan concealed to nan best-ever stuffing recipe? I went into nan room to find out.

Get nan recipe: Kish Family’s Two-Bread Stuffing

How To Make nan Kish Family’s Two-Bread Stuffing

Begin by leaving hearty achromatic sandwich breadstuff retired overnight to stale. The adjacent day, sauté finely chopped onions and celery until soft. Add caller sage and grated ail to nan cookware and navigator conscionable until fragrant. Transfer nan softened vegetables to a mixing vessel and flip pinch torn pieces of cornbread and staled achromatic bread. Add chopped caller parsley, salt, and pepper, past operation until well-mixed. Slowly adhd chickenhearted banal until nan breads are evenly moistened. Transfer nan substance into baking dish(es), and cook until heated done and lightly browned connected top.

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman | Food Stylist: Cyd McDowell

My Honest Review of nan Kish Family’s Two-Bread Stuffing Recipe

This stuffing look is elemental to hole and delivers connected each of nan vacation spirit I want from stuffing. The assortment of textures that travel from combining coarse cornbread and chewy achromatic bread, arsenic good arsenic baking it until nan apical crisps and nan interior is tender and moist, is unparalleled.

I utilized prepared sweetened cornbread from my market store’s bakery department, but you could easy make your ain savory aliases sweet cornbread successful advance. While immoderate achromatic breadstuff will do, I utilized a hearty achromatic sandwich breadstuff and near it retired overnight connected a ligament rack to old slightly. Kish tears, alternatively than cuts, nan breadstuff truthful that nan breadstuff is craggy and browns nicely. While immoderate nan cornbread remains intact successful ample chunks, expect different bits to crumble, which helps to administer nan cornmeal texture and spirit evenly passim nan stuffing. Yellow onions, celery, sage, and parsley adhd spirit and texture to nan dish, and since they’re each finely chopped, nan stuffing holds together nicely (even without an egg) and doesn’t autumn isolated connected your fork.

The sole drawback, if you tin telephone it one, is that this look makes a lot of stuffing — capable to capable a brace of 9×13-inch baking dishes. This year, erstwhile astir of america are expecting a smaller crowd astir nan vacation table, this look simply makes excessively much. Thankfully, it’s easy to halve nan look to capable a azygous baking dish. Alternatively, make nan afloat look and divided it among adjacent family aliases friends to service pinch their vacation meals.

If You’re Making nan Kish Family’s Two-Bread Stuffing, a Few Tips

  1. Halve nan recipe. This look serves upwards of 16 people. With nan inclination towards smaller vacation celebrations this year, you’re amended disconnected making a half portion. Thankfully, each nan ingredients are easy to trim for a smaller yield.
  2. Use food alternatively of oliva oil. While nan look calls for buttering nan baking dishes, it relies connected oliva lipid to sauté nan vegetables and herbs. I opportunity skip nan dueling fats and spell each successful connected food for this vacation dish. Using food will besides adhd a richer, much decadent spirit to nan stuffing.
  3. Opt for a hearty achromatic sandwich bread. Buy hearty achromatic sandwich breadstuff (our favourite is Dave’s Killer Bread’s White Bread Done Right) for nan stuffing, and prevention a fewer slices for day-after turkey sandwiches too. This style of sandwich breadstuff holds up to nan broth amended than softer, squishier Wonder Bread-like varieties.

Rating: 9/10

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