This Brilliant $20 Aldi Hack Doubles Your Kitchen’s Counter Space

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It’s difficult not to emotion German discount superstore Aldi — from budget-friendly seasonal treats and grocery staples to versatile location decor items and reusable packaging — it’s nary astonishment they’ve garnered an world superfan base. And those superfans don’t conscionable rave astir their favourite products, but they often stock photos and hacks utilizing their Aldi finds, particularly successful nan Aldi Aisle of Shame Community Facebook group. And 1 of nan latest hacks going viral successful nan group is truthful smart, we can’t judge we didn’t deliberation of it sooner.

The carving committee is 100% bamboo and measures 15-inches-by-21-inches pinch a ample groove for catching juices — each for only $9.99 each. The modular stove is astir 30 inches wide, truthful for little than $20, shoppers person discovered really to perfectly screen that abstraction pinch a thick, sturdy worldly wherever you tin spot cookware, decor, aliases moreover usage it arsenic prep abstraction for cooking. Shoppers person besides called nan instrumentality a dupe for noodle boards, which fundamentally service nan aforesaid intent but successful 1 chunk of wood that’s typically astir 30-by-22-inches. 

Aldi instrumentality Mara Demotte was ecstatic to yet observe nan hack and plans to put immoderate vintage room furniture handles she has connected nan sides to make it moreover much useful. “I had been looking for a solution to adhd antagonistic abstraction erstwhile I’m not utilizing my stove aliases oven. We’d considered a accepted butcher’s artifact aliases noodle board, but those are dense and, honestly, expensive,” DeMotte said. “When I saw nan bamboo boards astatine Aldi, it was a no-brainer!”

Shopper Erin Maki shared nan photograph of her setup and noted that nan thought isn’t conscionable bully for other antagonistic space. “We precocious bought a caller state scope and I emotion it, but for 1 thing, it’s achromatic truthful it shows each crumb. And it’s conscionable grates, truthful there’s obscurity to put anything,” Maki said. “I was looking into getting 1 of those noodle boards, but they’re for illustration $100 connected Amazon. Aldi to nan rescue!”

Of course, it should spell without saying that nan cutting boards should beryllium removed during immoderate and each cooking (whether pinch nan stove or nan oven), and you astir apt shouldn’t effort this hack pinch electrical stoves because it’s harder to show erstwhile it’s on, and easier to accidentally move it connected without knowing. 

If you don’t unrecorded adjacent an Aldi (or nan carving boards are sold retired astatine your section store), this Amazon option is astir nan aforesaid size for only a fewer dollars more. And if each other fails and you really do want nan noodle committee look (and nan other abstraction it offers), location are plenty of options connected Amazon.