This Narrow Shelving Unit Adds So Much Extra Storage to Even the Smallest Spaces — It’s Only $42 Right Now

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When it comes to small-space living, shelves are your champion friend. Whether you’re surviving successful a cramped workplace aliases person a mini chamber successful an flat you stock pinch roommates, you person to deliberation retired of nan container erstwhile it comes to storage. You request to debar utilizing up valuable level abstraction whenever imaginable — truthful you should beryllium connected nan hunt for thing that’s narrow aliases takes advantage of nan much ample vertical abstraction you have. Even amended if it hits both marks, but it’s not each time you find thing that does.

QVC, however, is presently offering specified an point astatine a stellar price: Honey-Can-Do’s slim, five-tier shelving unit is only $42 for a constricted time. And nan bully news doesn’t extremity there, since caller QVC customers tin presently prevention $20 connected immoderate bid complete $40 pinch nan code HOLIDAY20. Here’s why this discounted shelving portion is bound to beryllium your adjacent small-space superhero.

What is nan Honey-Can-Do 5-Tier Steel Shelf?

Instead of installing floating shelves to create immoderate much-needed storage, you tin opt for this five-tier option that takes up hardly immoderate level space. Its alloy guidelines is only 15 by 15 inches, but it extends to almost 6 feet tall, pinch each support capable to clasp up to 20 pounds. Place it successful a laundry room to clasp supplies, successful nan bath for towels, aliases successful nan surviving room for displaying plants aliases books — it tin service truthful galore functions that you’ll apt find yourself wanting another. Another way you tin take? I utilized to unrecorded successful a minuscule workplace that had only 2 cabinets, and I utilized a skinny shelving portion arsenic a makeshift pantry. Regardless of wherever it goes, its sleek, minimalist creation will blend successful pinch its surroundings seamlessly.

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

“This 5-tier support is cleanable for what I needed. It was easy to combine and looks great. I put it successful my laundry room to shop each my laundry detergent, cloth softeners and such. It’s cleanable for what I needed.” – Cupcake

“This support is really lightweight and I tin move it astir nan location easy whenever I want. Right now, I’m utilizing this support arsenic a works shelf. It tin clasp respective mini planters connected each support and I person a large works astatine nan very top. It looks really tiny and holds them nicely.” – Jcali11

“It looks awesome and it very sturdy! I emotion that it is gangly truthful it takes advantage of vertical abstraction while not taking up a batch of level space. Very highly recommend! Also, assembly was very easy and I put it together by myself successful only possibly 10 minutes.” – Anonymous

A bully shelving portion tin make each nan quality successful nan world successful a mini space, and pinch really galore rave reviews this Honey-Can-Do one has, you’ll decidedly get your money’s worth. Its bargain waste value apt won’t past long, though, truthful threat 1 up quickly!