This Rare Starbucks Stanley Red Cup Is Reselling for $800 on Poshmark

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‘Tis nan play for beverage drinkers to get successful statement and transportation a tent, astatine slightest for those who want to support their drinks ice-cold each time agelong successful enormous, holiday-centric cups. It’s been much than a twelvemonth since nan Stanley Quencher cup took TikTok by storm, but nan request for nan Stanley tumbler remains celebrated connected #WaterTok. As difficult arsenic it erstwhile was to get your hands connected a Stanley Quencher, it’s besides challenging to bring location nan brand’s latest edition, a collaboration betwixt Starbucks and Stanley successful nan shape of a holiday-red Quencher.

Starbucks x Stanley Has Arrived

Not since Carlos Santana and Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas released nan groundbreaking 1999 deed “Smooth” has location been a collaboration that gained arsenic overmuch fanfare arsenic that of Starbucks and Stanley. The collaboration has eager shoppers camping retired successful beforehand of their section Starbucks successful hopes of bringing location a 40-ounce Stanley Quencher successful a festive shadiness of red. The seasonal reusable cup made its quiet debut astatine Starbucks locations connected November 2, and it has been flying disconnected shelves ever since. Each year, Starbucks famously celebrates nan vacation play by serving basking beverages successful reddish single-use cups, and this year’s collaboration pinch Stanley takes nan contented to nan adjacent level.

The Starbucks x Stanley cup retails for $49.95 (if you tin get your hands connected 1 in-store). For those who aren’t consenting to slumber extracurricular of a Starbucks shop aliases get successful statement earlier dawn, sites for illustration eBay and Poshmark are nan adjacent champion option. The catch? Ultra-inflated prices. The seasonal Stanley Quencher is trading for much than $200 connected eBay, pinch immoderate TikTokers boasting astir reselling them for $300 a piece, and immoderate priced arsenic precocious arsenic $800 connected Poshmark. There is nary charismatic connection yet if and erstwhile nan cups will beryllium restocked.

It’s not difficult to spot why nan Stanley tumbler is beloved. The cup keeps your beverage acold for hours, moreover successful utmost power (including an existent fire), and is incredibly durable. If you aren’t unwavering successful your committedness to bring location a Starbucks x Stanley Quencher, location are plentifulness of different colors available, including a heavy reddish called Rosewood Glow and nan marble-like Polar Swirl. Already person a Stanley Quencher? Then you’re decidedly going to want to adhd this adorable Stanley ornament to your tree.

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