This Simple Banana and Almond Butter ‘Cinnamon Roll Smoothie’ Is So Good for Your Gut

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There's conscionable thing astir a promenade pastry, particularly erstwhile cinnamon is involved, that will ever spark joyousness for me. One whiff of a glazed Cinnabon rotation aliases an Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sweetener pretzel, and I’m instantly immersed successful olfactory (and consequent gustatory) bliss. Sure, I’m good alert that these treats aren’t nan lowest-sugar fare connected offer, which is what lead maine down an "nutrient-rich cinnamon roll" societal media rabbit hole. You ne'er cognize until you try! 

Fortunately, plant-based look developer Kelsi Boocock, aka @healthykelsii, created a nutritionally-balanced, drinkable (!) type of my shopping promenade dessert of choice. It conscionable mightiness beryllium nan typical condiment (errr… smoothie) to get my go-to promenade hole astatine home. Friendly connected nan palate, wallet, and nutrition goals, it’s judge to beryllium connected my rotation for nan foreseeable future.

Why we emotion this cinnamon rotation smoothie recipe

Packed pinch protein, carbs, patient fats, and fiber, this cinnamon rotation smoothie is simply a hearty yet balanced snack that’s conscionable arsenic delicious arsenic it is loaded pinch good-for-you-ness. Frozen bananas are a staple successful galore a smoothie—and for bully reason. They seemingly do it all, offering sweetness and creaminess successful adjacent measure. They besides brace good pinch countless ingredients, each nan while being nutritional powerhouses. Among their surplus of nutrients and benefits, bananas battalion digestion-promoting and heart-healthy fiber, energizing carbohydrates, vitamin C for immune health, and nan minerals potassium and magnesium—both of which are beneficial for regulating humor pressure.

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Boocock leaves nan prime for plant-based yogurt up to you. To optimize nan smoothie’s wellness potential, purpose to bargain a non-dairy yogurt that contains a minimal magnitude of fillers, is debased successful sugar, and packs immoderate macromolecule and a smattering of micronutrients. (Tip: Check retired which marque varieties of coconut beverage yogurt, cashew yogurt, and almond beverage yogurt apical a dietitian’s database of nan best non-dairy yogurts.)

The aforesaid choose-your-own-adventure method goes for nan works beverage you’ll adhd to nan sippable base. Although your vanilla macromolecule powder will supply nan *pun alert* bulk of nan macromolecule to this cinnamon rotation smoothie, you tin besides opt for high-protein alt-milk alternatives to maximize nan contented of this captious macronutrient that helps to modulate metabolism, facilitate cellular repair, and repair muscles (among countless different functions).

Next up is almond butter, which 1 dietitian deems “the queen of nan seed food world.” It earns this title fixed its precocious nutrient density, boasting a coagulated equilibrium of patient fats, protein, and carbs, positive fibre and minerals for illustration potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Last but not least, cinnamon goes beyond providing a delicious, lukewarm flavor. It besides offers a range of wellness benefits fixed its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, positive antimicrobial, antidiabetic, and anticancer potential.

P.S. Can we each return a 2nd to marvel astatine really fluffy and decadent nan smoothie is? It fundamentally oozes retired of nan blender successful slow mobility and mimics a immense heap of icing, pinch nan proverbial cherry connected apical being that it’s legitimately bully for you. IMHO, nan texture unsocial deserves a opinionated ovation. And decidedly don't slumber connected nan scoop of granola successful nan bottommost of nan cup—it's nan eventual powerfulness move.

cinnamon rotation smoothie recipePhoto: Stocksy/Ina Peters

Healthy Kelsii's gut-friendly cinnamon rotation smoothie recipe


1-2 stiff bananas
1-2 tbsp vanilla macromolecule powder
2 tbsp plant-based yogurt
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp almond butter
1/3 cup works milk
Granola of choice

  1. Add each of nan ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into a solid and service pinch granola.

Well+Good articles reference scientific, reliable, recent, robust studies to backmost up nan accusation we share. You tin spot america on your wellness journey.

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