This “Very Chic” Aldi Serving Tray Is the Only Way to Serve Appetizers on Thanksgiving

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Wilmington, DE/USA - April 6, 2019: Aldi market store.

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The much nan merrier is nan cleanable mantra for this clip of twelvemonth — particularly pinch Thanksgiving only a mates of weeks away. For those who are hosting vacation celebrations, nan timepiece is ticking to bargain everything you request to person your family and friends over, from market shopping to tableware to location decor. Hosting gatherings ample and mini tin beryllium stressful, not conscionable because of really overmuch activity it is, but because it gets costly to procure serving trays, cutlery, cookware, and truthful on. Fortunately, Aldi is erstwhile again to nan rescue, this clip pinch a gorgeous acacia wood serving committee that is judge to elevate your appetizers. 

Crofton’s Acacia Serving Board astatine Aldi

Aldi precocious added a brand-new earthy acacia wood serving committee to shop shelves — and it’s nan cleanable measurement to service each of your favourite Aldi snacks, appetizers, and treats. The board, made by Crofton, is 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches, and 1.1 inches heavy pinch a heavy groove astir nan perimeter for breadstuff aliases crackers and a level aboveground successful nan center, perfect for cheeses and dips. The champion portion is that it is only $9.99, which is practically a bargain for specified a classic, practical, and timeless piece.

The Crofton Acacia Serving Board is simply a boon for those hosting Thanksgiving. You tin usage it to service homemade cheese balls aliases make an adorable charcuterie dispersed pinch each of your loved ones’ favourite cheeses and spreads. Try making a savory butter board aliases play it safe pinch a cheese board that features a assortment of artisanal varieties. There are genuinely limitless ways to usage this affordable serving committee passim nan vacation play (and each year-round, for that matter).

Crofton has a history of making affordable housewares and room products for Aldi, galore of which are beloved and highly sought-after by predominant Aldi shoppers. Just precocious Aldi released a Crofton roasting pan that immoderate opportunity is nan cleanable Le Creuset dupe for only $16, and past period Crofton debuted nan Crofton Awesome Pot, their return connected nan ever-popular Perfect Pot from Our Place. If you’re successful hunt of budget-friendly room finds for nan vacation season, Aldi is astir decidedly nan go-to spot.