Twisted Pizza Breadsticks

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Guys, listen. I person thing important to show you about, and that point is Twisted Pizza Breadsticks! You are going to emotion these! These small sticks of eden are made utilizing stiff breadstuff mixed and are beautiful easy and very nosy to make. They person gameday snacks, statement food, aliases moreover pizza nighttime meal written each complete them!

Great for meal aliases a statement snack! -
Easy Twisted Pizza Sticks Recipe

Twisted Pizza Bread Sticks Recipe

Breadsticks were invented successful Turin, Italy, successful nan 14th period BCE, and person since go a communal nutrient successful galore restaurants and homes. Many group each crossed nan world emotion pizza. Even nan pickiest of diners will bask nan irresistible blend of delectable crust, saccharine herb sauce, and salty mozzarella cheese. However, it is often described arsenic unhealthy because it whitethorn beryllium dense successful calories, sodium, and carbohydrates.

These days-long-lasting sticks were firm, cracker-like, and shaped for illustration pencils. The concealed was to cook them until they were crisp capable without scorching. These crunchy yet delightfully soft ail sticks are made from pizza dough. They are baked to perfection while being covered successful handmade roasted ail butter. Using up leftover pizza mixed is simple, and you tin besides make your ain caller batch (or successful a pinch, you tin usage store-bought dough). They make an easy (and delicious) appetizer that is bully connected its ain aliases dipped successful marinara.

These breadsticks made from pizza mixed are incredibly elemental and speedy to make. They supply nan tastiest starter aliases snack, which is guaranteed to go a family favorite. Simple store-bought pizza mixed from nan market shop is utilized to make these breadsticks. They spell good pinch appetizers for a crippled nighttime aliases a vacation feast.

How to Make Twisted Pizza Sticks Recipe

Instead of telling you a communicative astir really we ate a full batch of these pizza breadsticks for luncheon this weekend, I’ll show you a photograph tutorial of really to make them instead.

roll 2 one-pound loaves of thawed breadstuff mixed into 1/2" heavy rectanglesFirst, rotation 2 one-pound loaves of thawed breadstuff mixed into 1/2″ heavy rectangles connected floured boards.
 dispersed a small pizza condiment complete 1 rectangle, and sprinkle pinch mini pepperonis and shredded mozzarellaNext, dispersed a small pizza condiment complete 1 rectangle, and sprinkle pinch mini pepperonis and shredded mozzarella.
  portion it into astir 1" wide strips.Now, put nan different rectangle of mixed complete nan top, property it down, and portion it into astir 1″ wide strips.
twist each stripTwist each strip, spot it connected a baking sheet, and sprinkle pinch parmesan and Italian seasoning. Bake astatine 400 degrees F.
Twisted Pizza SticksDip those suckers into pizza sauce, eat, and repeat!

Easy Twisted Pizza Breadsticks Recipe

Finally, it is clip for you to get started! Please, do not hesitate to inquire questions related to this pizza sticks look successful nan comments section. I cognize it tin sound analyzable erstwhile you make them for nan first time, but don’t worry! We are each present for you! Also, please support everyone posted astir your individual proposal connected this look and your ain acquisition pinch it. We are each present to learn!


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Twisted Pizza Breadsticks

These cheesy breadsticks eat for illustration a repast aliases are awesome for a statement snack!

  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 6 1x

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  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

  2. Roll each loaf of mixed to a ½” heavy rectangle connected a well-floured aboveground (seriously, don’t hide nan flour).

  3. Spread astir 3 tbsp. pizza condiment complete 1 rectangle of dough. You only want capable to conscionable overgarment nan aboveground aliases other it will beryllium really messy erstwhile you get to nan twisting step. (Don’t worry, location will beryllium plentifulness of condiment for dipping!)

  4. Sprinkle astir ½. pepperoni and 1 c. mozzarella complete nan sauce, and put nan different rectangle mixed complete nan top.

  5. Press nan apical mixed down evenly, and past portion nan mixed into strips astir 1½” wide. Carefully twist each portion of dough, and spot nan breadsticks connected 2 baking sheets lined pinch a silicone mat aliases parchment paper. Sprinkle parmesan and Italian seasoning complete nan apical of nan twisted sticks.

  6. Bake successful preheated oven for 15-20 minutes, until tops are aureate brown.

  7. Serve pinch ample pizza condiment for dipping, and enjoy!

  • Author: Andi Gleeson
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Cook Time: 15
  • Category: Appetizers and Snacks, Breads, Kid Food, Sandwiches and Pizza
  • Cuisine: American

Nutrition Information of Pizza Breadsticks

Per serving:

Calories331 kcalCarbohydrates45 g
Calcium61 mgFat13 g
Sugar3 gSodium606 mg
Vitamin A387 IUVitamin C1 mg
Iron3 mgProtein7 g
Cholesterol33 mgPotassium63 mg

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Why Love this Pizza Breadsticks Recipe?

  • The kids tin assistance you successful preparing this speedy and elemental meal.
  • It uses elemental and affordable ingredients.
  • Since astir children bask pizza, these are usually a deed successful astir homes.
  • Nothing compares to a hot, caller pizza crust that has conscionable travel retired of nan oven.

Storing Tips for Pizza Breadsticks

  • Pizza should beryllium allowed to cool to room somesthesia earlier excess slices are stored for up to 3 days successful nan refrigerator successful an airtight container.
  • Slices should first beryllium reheated for astir 30 seconds successful nan microwave, followed by 3–4 minutes astatine 350°F successful a toaster oven. So, nan oven will crisp up nan crust and support it from getting soggy, while nan microwave will lukewarm nan wrong of nan twisted pizza.
  • These breadsticks tin beryllium stiff for up to 3 months successful an airtight instrumentality aliases freezer bag.