We Tested (and Rated) Three Flavors of Banza’s Chickpea-Based Protein Waffles — Here’s How They Stacked Up

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Banza Chocolate Chip Protein Waffle

Credit: Photo: Banza; Design: Apartment Therapy Media

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What We Tested: In this inaugural installment of The Test Kitchn, we’re taking a look astatine nan 3 new macromolecule waffles from editor-loved pantry marque Banza. Banza makes chickpea- and bean-based products including mac ‘n’ cheese, pizzas, pasta, rice, and, astir recently, macromolecule waffles. They’re connected a mission to get much group successful nan States to eat chickpeas and beans, since they’re “Good for your wellness [and] bully for nan planet’s health.” You’ve astir apt seen boxes of Banza’s gluten-free chickpea pasta successful supermarket aisles, but they’re perpetually expanding pinch caller shapes and products, which is why we’re ever excited whenever there’s a launch. 

This week, we person Ian Burke, elder commerce editor for The Kitchn (me); Quinn Fish, cleaning and organizing editor; April Song, co-op partner manager; and Chanel Fetaz, head of merchandise creation and UX. I signed up to trial these waffles since I’m a immense instrumentality of thing packed pinch other protein, while April already liked Banza’s macromolecule pasta. Chanel was funny to effort thing that “sounded unsocial yet familiar,” and Quinn loves chickpeas and waffles, but hadn’t had waffles since she was a kid. “I’m besides ever looking for ways to adhd much macromolecule to my fare (sans meat),” she explained. 

Banza Protein Waffle Variety Pack: These gluten-free macromolecule waffles person 10 grams of macromolecule per serving (which is 2 waffles), and incorporate ovum but are free from each different major allergens. They’re besides vegetarian (but not vegan) and you tin navigator them successful a toaster, oven, pan, aliases aerial fryer. The assortment battalion comes pinch a container of each spirit — Homestyle, Blueberry, and Chocolate Chip — however, it’s important to statement that each nan waffles are disposable separately, too. 

How We Tested: We fired these bad boys up per package instructions successful our agency kitchen’s toaster oven — and only managed to rustle a fuse doubly because our outlets are fussy — and tested them each plain and pinch a small maple syrup. Since we wanted to make judge we sewage to sensation nan actual waffles, we skipped immoderate much analyzable toppings that mightiness person masked nan waffles’ flavors. We besides didn’t springiness them immoderate slack conscionable because they’re made pinch chickpeas — successful different words, we judged them conscionable for illustration immoderate different stiff waffles and didn’t clasp back. 

Credit: Apartment Therapy Media

Homestyle Protein Waffles

The Homestyle Protein Waffles were our mixed favourite by far, which we gave an almost cleanable rating. These were easy to eat and tasted nan astir for illustration nan stiff waffles we grew up eating, and were pleasantly crispy connected nan extracurricular and soft successful nan center. They’re a small darker than nan neon-yellow stiff waffles you mightiness beryllium utilized to but tasted conscionable arsenic good. (Chanel moreover thought she picked up a hint of coconut pinch these!)

Credit: Apartment Therapy Media

Blueberry Protein Waffles

Next up were nan Blueberry Protein Waffles, which were our slightest favorite. The blueberry spirit didn’t precisely travel done successful spades present — successful fact, April felt that she couldn’t moreover sensation blueberries astatine all. Our mixed standing was 2 stars, mostly because we felt location wasn’t capable blueberry flavor. However, they were akin to nan Homestyle waffles, truthful if plain is what you’re looking for, these mightiness beryllium for you. 

Credit: Apartment Therapy Media

Chocolate Chip Protein Waffles: 

Last up were nan Chocolate Chip Protein Waffles, which were our 2nd favourite of nan three. While these weren’t nan most chocolatey waffles we’ve ever had, nan spirit came done a batch much than nan Blueberry ones, and moreover for personification for illustration myself who doesn’t for illustration cocoa (I know, I know: How could anyone not for illustration chocolate?), I recovered them beautiful tasty and not overly sweet. Plus, pinch nan summation of immoderate syrup and cocoa chips from a bag, a stack of these could make a beautiful coagulated — and protein-packed — dessert-for-breakfast situation. 

Quinn: “These were decidedly drier and a small little rich | [and] flavorful than regular stiff waffles, but tasty — and they would beryllium awesome loaded up pinch toppings! I for illustration nan Homestyle best, followed by nan Chocolate Chip and past nan Blueberry. I could sensation nan cocoa and nan blueberries but location wasn’t arsenic overmuch arsenic location was in, say, Eggos. But I emotion that they person tons of protein!”

Chanel: “I emotion that these are high-protein and an easy conveyance for toppings! There was a flimsy nutty spirit that I couldn’t put my digit on, and I knew I wasn’t having a classical Eggo, since it tasted a spot much ‘adult.’ My penchant is nan Homestyle — nan others didn’t person capable flavor-forward moments for me. But nan Homestyle was crispy, simple, and would brace awesome pinch maple syrup, yogurt, and coconut chips!” 

April: “These were a small drier than Eggos, and I thought nan Chocolate Chip didn’t person capable chocolate. The Blueberry ones kinda conscionable felt for illustration a sweeter type of nan Homestyle, since I couldn’t sensation nan blueberry. 

Ian: “I really liked nan Homestyle waffles measurement much than I thought I would since I’m usually not a instrumentality of chickpea-based foods for illustration these. However, I would decidedly adhd them to my greeting routine. I deliberation they’d beryllium cleanable pinch immoderate banana slices and immoderate melted butter, too!” 

Good to Know: These took a touch longer successful nan toaster oven than nan package instructions suggested, but that astir apt has to do much pinch individual ovens than thing else. Our advice? Err connected nan broadside of under-toasting them while you dial your clip and somesthesia in, because you tin ever flip them backmost successful to decorativeness crisping — but you can’t unburn a charred waffle.