We Tried 4 Celebrity Chefs’ Favorite Nonstick Pans and the Winner Is Darn Near Perfect

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four different chefs' favourite pans shown connected a marble surface

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman

More often than not, you astir apt find yourself reaching for a nonstick pan simply because things don’t instrumentality to them. With a trusty nonstick pan, you tin sauté, sear, steam, and stir-fry everything nether nan sun and not person to accent excessively overmuch astir nan aftermath because cleanup is beautiful overmuch guaranteed to beryllium a breeze (in theory). But successful an unfortunate oversea of immoderate not-so-great nonstick skillets, what makes 1 great?

We did immoderate digging to find retired which nonstick skillets immoderate of our favourite personage chefs for illustration nan most. Then, we tested them retired for ourselves. Here’s what everyone had to opportunity astir them — positive our ain 2 cents.

The Best Celeb Chef’s Nonstick Pan

The cookware that won america complete was Gordon Ramsay’s fave, Mauviel M’steel Carbon Steel Skillets. It’s a c alloy cookware that’s genuinely nonstick — everything slid correct disconnected nan aboveground — pinch professional-level performance.

Credit: Pan Image: Joe Lingeman; Ayesha Curry: Killilea / Stringer / Getty Images

Ayesha Curry’s Favorite: Ayesha Curry Porcelain Enamel Nonstick Skillet

Ayesha Curry doesn’t conscionable put her sanction and look connected immoderate pots and pans earlier shipping them off to QVC. If you travel her connected Instagram, you spot that she genuinely cooks pinch each and each point successful her line, making delicious dinners for her quiet family of five. In fact, you’ve astir apt seen this very skillet connected her stove (the Brown Sugar is her favourite colorway successful nan collection). Not only does Ayesha navigator pinch her ain products, but her parents do too! So of course, we had to springiness this skillet a try.

Ayesha’s skillet differentiated itself from nan others we tried because of its gem textured aboveground which, according to nan manufacturer, ensures “long-lasting, high-quality nonstick for faster heating, amended browning, and easier nutrient release.” While we work together that this characteristic is awesome for searing and browning, we noticed that nan textured bottommost trapped small nutrient bits wherever nan different pans we tested did not.

Our Studio Food Editor, Jesse Szewczyk, wondered if nan texture would imprint itself connected thing for illustration a crepe, for example, wherever ocular quality is important. (At slightest for a nutrient stylist!)

We docked a fewer points because it’s not dishwasher-safe, and we were skeptical of really ray it was. (Seriously, you prime it up and almost propulsion it done nan ceiling.) One agleam spot, though? This peculiar skillet is oven safe up to 500 degrees, which is awesome for getting a one-pot-dinner bully and golden-brown nether nan broiler — and not thing you tin opportunity astir each nonstick pans. Also, you can’t really hit this value constituent for a group of two.

Rating: 7.5/10

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Credit: Pan Image: Joe Lingeman; Brad Leone: Alex Lau / Bon Appétit

Brad Leone’s Favorite: Zwilling Madura Aluminum Fry Pan

We came to nan conclusion that this nonstick pan is Brad’s favourite based connected nan truth that he penned an article for Bon Appétit where he claimed, “Zwilling is nan champion non-stick cookware we’ve ever used.” Yes, nan Internet is rife pinch hyperbole, truthful let’s spot what Brad has to say.

“The value is high, which is why these are besides what we usage successful nan BA trial kitchen.” he says. “In position of nan metallic itself, Zwilling sewage it right. The titanium heats quickly, which is simply a bully alteration of gait from a cast iron. It’s a really good conductor, and nan truth that nan grip is metallic excessively is simply a considerate detail. It lets you move nan cookware into nan oven if you’re making shakshuka, without nan fearfulness of a integrative grip melting. Don’t propulsion it nether nan broiler, but it’s decidedly cool for oven use, finishing, aliases warming.”

(Note: Brad later told america that he also loves HexClad skillets and nan AUS-ION Deep Skillet pinch Satin Finish, what he calls an “old-fashion style of nonstick, which is nary longer available.)

When we gave this forged aluminum and granite pan a whirl, it behaved arsenic expected. Jesse described it arsenic “middle of nan road,” because it gets nan occupation done, but location wasn’t thing peculiarly unsocial aliases breathtaking astir it.

Major points for nan “Duraslide granite coating” which claims to beryllium 40 times much durable than contented PTFE nonstick coatings. This is simply a cookware that you won’t person to switch often (provided that you attraction for it decently and don’t usage metallic utensils while cooking).

As Brad mentioned, these are oven-safe, but if you publication nan good print, that’s only existent successful temperatures up to 300 degrees. So don’t moreover think astir turning connected nan broiler to decorativeness disconnected your shakshuka. But you tin propulsion it successful nan dishwasher and it has a “stay cool” grip that useful really well.

Rating: 8/10

Buy: Zwilling Madura Plus Aluminum Fry Pan, $64.99 for a 9.5-inch pan

Credit: Pan Image: Joe Lingeman; Kelsey Nixon: Bryan Bedder / Getty Images for NYCWFF

Kelsey Nixon’s Favorite: GreenPan Ceramic Nonstick Frypan

“My GreenPan set is simply a workhorse successful my kitchen! The pieces look arsenic bully arsenic they usability (so pretty!), sliding retired everything from eggs to food fillets. I for illustration that they’re made from earthy ceramic yet still broiler-safe. It’s my favourite nonstick — particularly fixed nan truth that they tin spell successful my dishwasher and I don’t person to interest astir not utilizing metallic utensils pinch them.”

Kelsey beautiful overmuch said it each here: Your nutrient will virtually descent disconnected this cookware to nan constituent wherever it’s almost shockingly satisfying. We made pancakes for a crowd connected this skillet past play and didn’t moreover person to usage a lick of butter. The ceramic nonstick coating feels durable and is apparently safe for usage pinch metallic utensils. (We urge playing it safe pinch woody aliases silicone devices to support nan cookware looking bully for longer though). GreenPan is besides oven safe up to 600 degrees.

Lastly, we emotion that this cookware isn’t truthful heavy that you’ll consciousness for illustration your limb is astir to break while wielding a afloat skillet meal to nan table. (But it’s besides not excessively light.) And cleaning-wise, this couldn’t beryllium easier to swipe these down. They besides spell successful nan dishwasher if you’ve made a bigger messiness than expected.

Rating: 9/10

Buy:  GreenPan Ceramic Nonstick Frypan Set, $48.40 for a group of 8-inch and 10-inch pans (normally $69.99)

Credit: Pan Image: Joe Lingeman; Gordon Ramsay: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite: Mauviel M’Steel Carbon Steel Skillet

In a Gordan Ramsay video connected what you request to beryllium a amended chef (with much than 6.9 cardinal views), nan Master Chef dishes connected his favourite benignant of frying pan: “A high-quality nonstick 1 pinch a thick, dense base, which will administer nan power evenly.” He past goes on: “Look for an oven-proof frying cookware pinch a metallic grip if you want to navigator for illustration pros by finishing disconnected your crockery successful nan oven aliases nether nan basking grill. Just don’t forget, erstwhile you return it out, nan grip will beryllium hot.”

He doesn’t flat-out sanction nan brand, but we identified nan cookware successful nan video arsenic Mauviel’s M’steel Carbon Steel Skillet. This benignant of skillet mightiness look for illustration a departure from what usually comes to mind erstwhile you deliberation of a nonstick skillet, but it’s still nonstick, nonetheless.

When this cookware arrived, it was covered successful sticky wax that could person wholly been mistaken for a packaging error. However, nan pans are coated pinch beeswax (!) connected intent to forestall nan cookware from rusting. Before nan first use, simply lavation disconnected immoderate wax residue pinch basking h2o and play nan skillet pinch an unflavored oil. Once that was done, we sewage to cooking pinch it and were really impressed.

Again, while it’s not nan benignant of nonstick cookware that you’d usually deliberation of, Mauviel’s attraction notes guarantee that these c alloy pans are people nonstick. We were really a spot amazed erstwhile everything we made successful it conscionable glided correct off. This swanky, commercial-grade cookware made america consciousness for illustration Master Chefs (for deficiency of a amended comparison). You tin usage this connected each types of cooktops, and propulsion it into nan oven up to 680 degrees (what?). Of course, this 1 is hand-wash only though.

Rating: 9.5/10

Buy: Mauviel M’steel Carbon Steel Skillets, $75 for a 9.4-inch pan

Your turn! What’s your go-to nonstick pan?