Weekly Dinner Menu #175 Featuring Fish Tacos and Monte Cristo Sandwiches

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This week’s paper features very accelerated food tacos, monte cristo sandwiches, reddish beans and rice, and tons more!

This week's repast scheme features food tacos, summertime crockery pinch full grains, reddish beans and rice, and tons more!

Hello there! Are you excited that it’s a 3-day play (unless you are 1 of nan galore group who person to activity this weekend, successful which lawsuit I’m sorry I asked)? We’re headed to nan state to hide retired successful nan bid and quiet of nan mountains. I dream it’s serene and quiet astatine least. I support reference that it’s rattlesnake season, and our location is fundamentally successful nan wilderness. Maybe we’ll do a batch of jigsaw puzzles and bask nan wilderness done nan window. Yikes!!

One point we’ll for judge beryllium doing is eating well. I’m judge you’re looking guardant to immoderate bully meals too, truthful I want to stock 7 meal ideas pinch you for your repast readying pleasure! Be judge to time off maine a remark to fto maine cognize which ones you’d for illustration to try. I emotion proceeding from you!

  1. Chili Lime Fish Tacos

    I’m really excited to yet update this look because it’s a bully one, but I haven’t shared it because nan photos were bad. I dream you’ll cheque it retired and springiness this 15-minute look a try!You won't judge that these tart, spicy food tacos are connected nan array successful astir 15 minutes!

  2. Monte Cristo Sandwiches

    The bully point astir having contributing authors is they tin stock recipes pinch you that I mightiness not make myself. I’m a full scaredy feline astir frying things, but Amanda from The Chunky Chef brought you this classical fried sandwich recipe! It’s a awesome saccharine and savory treat.These monte cristo sandwiches are heavenly!

  3. Summer Salad Recipe pinch Whole Grains and Chicken

    I don’t person a batch to opportunity astir this look isolated from that it’s bully for you and tastes good. The end. I dream you for illustration it!This summertime crockery look is loaded pinch chicken, full grains, and vegetables. Perfect repast for a lukewarm day!

  4. Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice

    A friend told maine she was going to make this look yesterday, truthful that made maine want to adhd it to your menu! It’s a classical favourite astir here.Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice #slowcooker #crockpot #cajun

  5. Salmon Nachos pinch Black Beans

    We conscionable had these for meal past night, and they are ALWAYS 1 of my favorites. They only request a full of 5 ingredients, and I committedness they will beryllium your caller favourite excessively (if you for illustration salmon).Salmon and Black Bean Nachos - wearychef.com

  6. Skewered Pineapple Chicken Recipe pinch Spicy Orange Marinade

    Maybe you’re grilling for nan vacation weekend. If so, these kebabs would beryllium a awesome summation to your BBQ. (You tin besides make them successful nan oven!)Skewered Pineapple Chicken Recipe - You will emotion nan popular of citrus spirit successful these elemental chickenhearted kebabs! - wearychef.com

  7. Tilapia Sandwiches pinch Spicy Mayo

    Am I giving you excessively overmuch seafood this week? We person been eating a batch of food lately! I emotion these sandwiches, and you can’t hit really speedy they are to make. If you don’t want to usage fish, effort making nan aforesaid look but pinch thin-sliced chickenhearted breasts instead!Tilapia Sandwich pinch Spicy Mayo

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