Weekly Dinner Menu #176

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This week’s paper features jambalaya, grilled stuffed pork, macaroni salad, and truthful overmuch more!

This week's paper features jambalaya, grilled stuffed pork, macaroni salad, and truthful overmuch more!

Hey-oh! How are you connected this good Friday? I’m so, truthful hungry. I’m astir to person luncheon soon, but until then, I’m drooling complete each these meal recipes I want to stock pinch you for nan coming week. Baked sausages? Gimme. Macaroni salad? I want that. Jambalaya? Give maine nan large bowl.

The Weekend

What are your plans for nan weekend? We person my small one’s preschool graduation picnic tomorrow, and past he has a day statement to spell to connected Sunday. Basically, my 5-year-old has much of a societal life than I do. I conscionable travel him astir to each his events. Next week my children are leaving for TWO WEEKS. That’s right. I will beryllium wholly childfree and tin do immoderate I want while they sojourn their grandma. I will astir apt disagreement my clip evenly betwixt working, shopping, eating, and missing my kids. I haven’t been distant from them astir this agelong before, truthful I won’t moreover cognize really to act!

The Dinners

It is basking here. Is it basking wherever you are? I tried to prime meals that are bully for basking upwind this time. If you’ll beryllium grilling, I threw successful a mates bully recipes for that too. Be judge to time off maine a remark letting maine cognize which ones are your favorites. I’m ever happy to perceive from you!

  1. Macaroni Salad pinch Tuna and DillYou'll flip for this easy, flavorful macaroni crockery pinch tuna!
  2. Grilled Stuffed Pork LoinTilt pork loin to navigator connected nan sides, but don't flip completely.
  3. Easy Taco SaladThis speedy and easy taco crockery look is cleanable for weeknights. The nutrient is besides bully for tacos, burritos, aliases nachos!
  4. Slow Cooked Beef Caesar SaladSlow Cooked Beef Caesar Salad
  5. Lightened Up Shrimp Scampi AlfredoBelieve it aliases not, this delicious Shrimp Scampi Alfredo is fresh successful astir 15 minutes and is lightened up too!
  6. Baked Italian Sausage pinch PeppersLearn really to cook continent sausages for an easy expanse cookware dinner!
  7. Easy Cajun JambalayaEasy Cajun Jambalaya - This versatile atom crockery is simply a refrigerator magnet! - wearychef.com

I besides included a mates desserts for nan week:

Butterscotch Banana Pudding Parfait - The Weary Chef

Save Your Recipes and Make Your List!

You tin adhd each these recipes to your repast scheme aliases build your ain scheme right here!

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