Weekly Dinner Menu #179: Reunited!

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This week’s meal paper features Hamburger Stroganoff, Chinese Chicken Salad, Fish Tacos, and tons more!

This week's meal paper features Hamburger Stroganoff, Chinese Chicken Salad, Fish Tacos, and tons more!

Hiiiiii! How are YOU? Me? I’m great! My kids came location connected Tuesday, and I americium loving being backmost to nan madness of having 2 small boys successful nan house. I was truthful tired of each that bid and quiet each time each day. I’m utilized to having nary much than 4 hours of bid per day, truthful 2 weeks of it was a major change. Absence does successful truth make nan bosom turn fonder though, truthful I deliberation nan break gave me a chance to admit motherhood much than I usually do erstwhile I’m emotion weary time successful and time out.

This play we’re going to person a belated Father’s Day ceremony and besides spot Finding Dory. Have you seen it yet? I dream it’s bully and doesn’t person arsenic galore scary parts arsenic Finding Nemo! Before we footwear disconnected nan play though, I want to show you astir immoderate meal recipes for nan coming week! This database is afloat of dishes we enjoyed successful nan past week and a mates different favorites. I dream you find immoderate dinners you want to try!

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  1. Deviled Egg Potato Salad + thing disconnected nan grill! Dive into this scrumptious deviled ovum murphy crockery - a cleanable summertime broadside dish!
  2. Spicy Fish Tacos You won't judge that these tart, spicy food tacos are connected nan array successful astir 15 minutes!
  3. Weeknight Spaghetti Dinner Easy Weeknight Pasta Dinner
  4. Chinese Chicken Salad Healthy Chinese Chicken Salad #healthy #dinner #salad
  5. Healthy Hamburger Stroganoff Healthy Hamburger Stroganoff
  6. Pickle Stuffed Chicken pinch Baked Fries (homemade aliases frozen) You're connected your measurement to a nosy meal pinch this easy dill pickle stuffed chickenhearted recipe!Cajun Oven Fries - Spicy, crispy, delicious fries correct retired of your oven! - wearychef.com
  7. Not Your Mama’s Dirty Rice You'll emotion this patient rotation connected nan classical soiled atom recipe. Not only is it tasty and bully for you, it's besides a one-dish dinner!

What’s for dessert? Try these mini no-bake achromatic cocoa cheesecake tarts!

These mini No Bake White Chocolate Cheesecake Tartlets pinch citrus are a perfectly easy summertime dessert!

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