Weekly Dinner Menu #186: Back to School Dinners

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Back to School Dinners including Oven Tacos, Beef Caesar Salad, Pizza Sliders, and tons more!

You guys, schoolhouse starts Monday! I’m 90% happy and excited and 10% sad. It has been a really bully summer, and I’ll miss nan state of doing what we want erstwhile we want. I do crave getting backmost to a schedule and regular though. It’s bully for my kids and bully for my blog, but we judge person had nosy hanging astir and going connected small adventures for nan past mates months!

This week’s meal paper focuses connected backmost to schoolhouse dinners. I’m talking astir meals that you tin propulsion together successful a jiffy aliases that simmer distant connected nan stove aliases slow cooker while you do different things for illustration thief pinch homework, spell to soft lessons, aliases each nan different things you person going connected during nan schoolhouse year.

Personally, I for illustration to support our lives extracurricular of schoolhouse beautiful unscheduled. One kid has a mates appointments he goes to each week, but beyond that we don’t person galore play commitments. My champion friend has 4 boys, and they are each successful sports each twelvemonth round. Her days revolve astir who needs to beryllium wherever for practices aliases games. That’s not nan life for me, but I cognize it is for LOTS of parents. That’s why you request these 7 easy meal recipes!

To prevention you moreover much time, you tin adhd these recipes to your repast scheme and past customize it pinch nan recipes you want to make and build a market database too. Find much specifications astatine nan extremity of nan post.

Now, let’s get to nan backmost to schoolhouse dinners!

Back to School Dinners including Oven Tacos, Beef Caesar Salad, Pizza Sliders, and tons more!

  1. Chicken and Greens pinch Bacon – I conscionable made a somewhat modified type of this past night, and it was truthful dang easy and good. My boys won’t eat nan greens, but they do for illustration nan chicken. I utilized chickenhearted drumsticks, which I sewage for specified a bully deal. This 1 has it each pinch being easy, tasty, cheap, and debased carb!
  2. Healthy Hamburger Stroganoff – Who tin defy crushed beef aliases turkey pinch noodles successful a homemade, creamy sauce. Love this dinner!!
  3. Slow Cooker Beef Caesar Salad – The bully point astir this meal is you tin usage nan leftover nutrient successful different ways to make a full caller dinner. I deliberation it would beryllium bully served pinch Lemon Couscous Salad too.
  4. Standup Oven Tacos – I flippin’ emotion these, and truthful does my full family.
  5. Pizza Sliders – You can’t hit these for a accelerated and easy rotation connected pizza night.
  6. Zesty Orange Seared Salmon Recipe – If you person time, effort making shortcut Olive Focaccia Bread to spell pinch this easy food dish!
  7. Lemon Chicken Soup pinch Spinach – I committedness to get astir to taking caller photos of this 1 soon. This is an all-time favourite astatine our house. Use rotisserie chicken, shredded carrots, and instant atom to make it successful a hurry!

Click nan fastener beneath to adhd each these recipes to your repast plan, and past you tin click here to customize your paper and create a market list. (You tin besides spell location to build a repast scheme from scratch if you want to take different recipes.) If you person immoderate problems aliases questions pinch this feature, email me!

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